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Assault/Garrison 'Mech Designs


Timberwolf A - "Expurgator"
Cost: 110,930
2 erPPC, 7 ER Laser, 2 SSRM.
This design is made to remove morally offensive material (freebirths, wardens, etc.) in a dramatic fashion. Best used in all-out attacks, the twin erPPCs are in effective range with the ER lasers, but should the enemy get too close the SSRMs will provide limited cover for you to get back to medium-long range.

Warhawk W - "Primary Config."
Cost: 171,860
4 erPPC, 4 LRM, 2 Pulse Laser.
This is the same configuration as the primary warhawk, and does an impressively devastating amount of damage with its erPPCs at medium- to long-range, with the LRMs to cover it for either indirect fire or to supplement its already devastating alpha-strike. The pulse lasers provide close-in support to enable the pilot to move out to a more spacious area.


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