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Attack/Strike 'Mech Designs


Hellbringer A - "Boxer"
Cost: 106,120
2 SSRM, 1 uAC/20, 1 erPPC, 2 LRM.
A well-rounded design, the PPC and LRMs take advantage of medium-long ranges, prompting the pilot to close in however is the ultra autocannon 20, a devastating design at close range when supplemented with the twin streak SRMs. The best tactic for this design is to weave in close, fire off a few AC rounds, and go back to range and let your PPC inflict further damage. This takes advantage of both ranges and may provide some cover against enemy 'mechs if you are unsure of their range tactics.

Summoner J - "Paratrooper"
Cost: 118,770
3 Pulse Laser, 6 ER Laser,
2 ER LLaser.
Made for mostly solo-missions, the Paratrooper is an expensive design made for adverse terrain and deep penetration. The ER Large Lasers will enable easy destruction of gates and distant mines, and provide good ability to soften up advancing targets. The Pulse Lasers are highlighted red due to the fact that the cost only covers two of the Pulse Lasers (one comes with the chassis).


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