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Capture Base

This mission is not an easy mission for either side, both bases will be heavily mined and have excellent defenses. Team 1 should try and attack Team 2 base from the east flank and destroy the repair bay. Team 2 should try to attack from the north, as the south is well defended. Your forces should consist of 2/3 jump jet 'mechs and 1/3 weapon 'mechs as well as two minelayers. The number of attack routes is virtually infinate with jets so an attack could come from any direction. You should capture TCs and sensors en route to the enemy base to gain additional 'mech placement locations. Again, this is not an easy mission and many players will just sit at their base and wait for you to attack, if they do this then you should destroy their repair bay ASAP and withdraw to repair your 'mechs as needed, sooner or later they will die without the repair bay.


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