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Authorization: Sanctioned by Khan Lordface
Operator: GCmd. Dragonfly Chistu
K.I.T. (Keep It Terse)
Level: Security Level 1 (General Touman)

Operation KIT is for faster communication in combat by utilizing several simple commands, if the information is intercepted it might be understood, but in a constant stream of orders and commands chances are that the enemy will not be able to decypher the intentions of the commander. Commands are in letters, mixed with numbers that have no specific meaning in the chance that the transmission is intercepted or sent on wide-ban by accident.

E: Engage.
A: Alpha. (enemy with lowest alphabetical callsign)
B: Beta. (enemy with highest alphabetical callsign)
H: Hold/Stop/Disengage.
J: Jet, MOVE!
G: Regroup.
P: Pincer attack. (go opposite direction than the commander goes)
F: Frontal attack. (regroup with commander and engage head-on)
R: Keep range, stay away.
C: Close range, move in.
AMS: Disable AMS systems/Enable AMS systems.
Shutdown: Shutdown, hide in ambush.
Powerup: Powerup.
Melee: Drop Clan Rules of Engagement.

Randomly disperce numbers into the sentence to increase the difficulty of reading, you may wish to drop a command here or there on the open-channel for intimidation, but do so sparingly lest they break the code, and a new will have to be made. Below are several examples:


You and your commander are walking along the center of an urban area. Your enemies are two klicks dead-ahead, all of a sudden your commander barks, "H921PEA" and walks off to the left behind a building. You decypher the order as, "Hold off engagement. Pincer, then engage enemy Alpha." Seeing your commander broke formation and walked to the left, you break formation and peel off to the right behind a building. You walk parellel for awhile until the enemy is five hundred meters away, your commander orders, "91E9A." You round a building and see twin enemy 'mechs, one has a callsign of "Fleshbiter" and the other is "Wildman" - you identify Fleshbiter as Alpha because he has the lowest alphabetical callsign (F comes before W). Your commander completes the pincer move with you and you attack them from both sides, confusing them. Before long, all that remains of them is twisted shrapnel and rubble.


You are walking along with your starmate, and you look ahead to see two enemy atlases. Because you wish to fight with honor, you order, "0478EBCF." Telling your subordinate to, "Engage Beta, Close range and Frontal attack." When you get within weapons range, both of the atlases fire their weapons at you, enraged at the breech of clan rules of engagement you shout "Melee!" and are thus freed from the Rules of Engagement. You close distance and fight a hellish close-range battle, you see one enemy getting a clear rear-shot at your wing, without thinking you bark, "J" and so he skillfully uses his jets and all means at his disposal to evade, the enemy's AC/20 narrowly misses. Noting that you finished your target in good time, and your starmate is heavily damaged, you order, "1845RBJ" so your wing gains some range (tactfully withdraws) as fast as possible, taking pot shots at enemy Beta. You finish off the foe as well, and your wing survives.

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