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The Code of House Steiner
The Code of Steiner

May Your Sword Be Sharp and Your Word Be True

House Steiner has a long and glorious history. We are proud of the Lyran Alliance. We stand beside our brothers of Caerleon and Gwynedd. The warriors of House Steiner are strong on and off the battlefield, and members of Steiner must strive to do their best whenever they can.

The Code of Steiner describes an officer's duty to the House. Battle and Political practices are covered, and each member of House Steiner must uphold every last word of The Code. House Steiner bears great respect among the other realms, and that respect is due to each Steiner member. Those who do not follow The Code are not worthy of that respect or their position in House Steiner. All who do not uphold the code and stray from the path of right will be dealt with. These warriors will be demoted or expelled from the House. The Steiner way is not to kill those who were once our own. House Steiner wishes to establish a reputation as a honorable, strong and truthful house.

The Code of Steiner is as follows:

I. Loyalty

Members of the House of Steiner are expected to be loyal to their unit and house. A member should base any decision on how it will affect the house and his or her unit. A selfish knight is a dead knight. If you consider something to be a threat to the house, then inform your commander. If you uncover a spy in our ranks then immediately report this to the Archon, don't try to be a hero. Uncovered spies within the house will be expelled and their existance removed from this world..

II. Respect and Honor

Under all circumstances, even in combat, respect and honor are to be shown. Whether this be to your enemy or to your lance mate, courtesy, generosity and integrity should be evident in both conversation and behavior. This reflects well both on yourself and the house. Respect and honor are also to be shown to your commanders, the Archon and his elite staff. Prompt saluting is expected when a member of higher standing than yourself arrives. The House of Steiner operates as a family, if a dispute arises between you and another Steiner member, work it out.

III. Mercy

While an enemy stil possesses a weapon, no mercy should be shown. By still possessing his or her weapon, your opponent is allowing the combat to continue. If an enemy surrenders, then they are to be taken prisoner.

IV. Challenges

If a need for a challenge between yourself and another Steiner member occurs, the it will be formerly arranged and overseen by a commanding officer.

V. Discipline

Although creativity is sometimes called for in a battle, if an order is given it is to be followed. Your commanders have earned their rank and therefore have the experience needed to make the proper decisions. These decisions result in orders which should be carried out with utmost efficiency. An order is a firm request and is expected to be carried out without complaint. If an order is disobeyed it will be reviewed by the Archon and whoever else he so chooses.

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