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Stop That Dropship

Stop That Dropship....

An Inner Sphere dropship has crashed-landed on a clan border world. This action doesn't surprise Clan intelligence. However, the word is that this Leapord Class dropship has a highly modified experimental weapons system and is capable of carrying 6 Battlemechs.

The Dropship Modifications

According to Clan intelligence this dropship can carry 6 mechs, has new longer range ER PPCs modeled after the Clan version, and sports one of the Inner Sphere's latest attempts at dealing with Clans: the LRM DFM system. The entire system is described below:

Central Turret Weapons

2 (E)ER PPC's

1 LRM DFM 20

Description Damage Minimum Short Medium Long

(E)ER PPC 15 None 1 - 10 11 - 20 21 - 30

LRM DFM 20 2/missle None 1-6 7 -12 13 -18

Leapord Class dropship armor values

Nose 500

Right/Left 450

Rear 400

Turret 350

There is a 2 hex shadow all around the dropship where the turret cannot track.

The Inner Sphere mechs have already deployed around the dropship. The dropship crew is commencing repairs and will attempt to takeoff. The turn the dropship may leave is at the end of Turn 8 + 1D6. The die roll will be done between the Game Master and the Inner Sphere Mech Commander. The dropship cannot take off if any of the main body is breached. The mechs' instruments will alert everyone when the dropship is powering up and preparing to depart.

A mech may try to enter the dropship, however the crew may not let you in. It takes 3 MP's to enter or leave the mech-day. The mech-bay doors take one turn to open and close. Only mechs standing in the doors may fire out.

If the dropship manages to takeoff, say goodbye to any mech within 3 hex blast cone of the rear engines. Any mech within 6 hexes of the rear engines takes 10 points of damage in 5 point groups.


The Clans All Mechwarriors 3/4

The Inner Sphere The Commander 3/4

All Others 4/5


The Clans: Gargoyle (B) 80 tons

Timberwolf (D) 75 tons

Summoner (D) 70 tons Total = 340 tons

Mad Dog (D) 60 tons

Stormcrow (C) 55 tons

The Inner Sphere: Typhoon 100 tons

Executioner 90 tons

Kodiak 85 tons Total = 465 tons

Thugee 80 tons

Shootist 70 tons

Adder 40 tons


9 pre-assigned map boards (light woods). The dropship is in the center board. If a mech is pushed off the edge of a board, it is destroyed!!!


A Clan Decisive victory:

Prevent the dropship from taking off and destroy 2 or more mechs.

A Clan Tactical victory:

Prevent the dropship from taking off.

An Inner Sphere Tactical victory:

The dropship escapes.

An Inner Sphere Decisive victory:

The dropship escapes with 4 or more mechs aboard.

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