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Training is the sharpest edge that any unit can give their troops. Be it in discipline, honor or skill-at-arms. One of the most powerful driving forces is morale, there are several aspects which drive that morale; this uses the driving powers of loyalty and patriotism.

This is a realistic form of all-out inter-clan combat, carried to a degree further then that which actually goes on, of course, but bear in mind this is for training purposes. It allows the Galaxy Commanders to carefully manage resources and bid against their opponents, their Star Colonels can get in on the act also while bidding forces. Salvage is utilized and commanders can even keep track of some "key personalities" within their unit. Every week each Galaxy will recieve 500 tons of "fresh salvage" and each Cluster shall recieve 100 tons to keep their ranks strong.

Initiating the Engagement

Most engagements are arranged via e-mail by the opposing Galaxy Commanders. Should a commanding officer be present they may engage another commanding officer in Single Combat Mode on the spot. Once the challenge has been made and accepted, the batchall begins - this is the battle challenge, where the bidding of the forces takes place. In the batchall, the challenging commander declares his forces, the defending commander then meets the challenging commander with a force either equal or that he deems feasable. If he bits far below the offending forces, that can be seen as an insult. Great wit is given to the commander that can make his opponent bid below the cutdown - or the minimum forces required to take an objective (in this case combat). Cutdown is usually 25% less then the opposing force, all things being equal. Great honor is given to the commander that fights underbid but successfully.

Rules of Salvage

Any salvage gained will only be turned into 'mechs at the end of the week (Monday morning at 12am, GMT). For each 'mech destroyed, you gain half of that tonnage rounded up, for example if I destroy a nova I get 25t salvage. If I destroy a summoner I get 35t salvage. If I destroy a timber wolf I get 40t salvage ( of 75 is 37.5 - round up to 40). A headshot will gain you the entire tonnage of the 'mech destroyed, an executioner would yield 95t, for example.

If you sustain a red-leg or torso, lose a leg or both arms, that 'mech is considered "maimed" and it may not participate in combat for one hour (60 minutes) while it is being repaired. It is recorded as "maimed (time of maiming here)." After a battle is resolved (either by surrender or all able 'mechs on one team is destroyed) the victor may be able to claim all the maimed 'mechs as fully functional designs, if he can or not should be decided in the batchall and the bidding. If there is disagreement, then the loser may retain his maimed 'mechs.

Key Personalities

There are several "Key Personalities" in Clan Jade Falcon, before any engagement, each team selects a "Personality" to lead the attack. The Galaxy Command Star may be led by anyone under the "GCmd." - the Cluster may be led by anyone under the "SCol." Each personality gives a certain edge to that team in combat, and a personality must be chosen.

If PCom were to engage GCom, and both bid their Clusters, then there would be two personalities per team. One to represent the Galaxy, and one to represent the Cluster. Each unit starts with some personalities, these are all taken from the Jade Falcon Sourcebook, their interpritations are fictional, however. These are the starting personalities:

Jade Falcon Galaxy:
GCmd. Mar Helmer
SCol. Abraham Chi-Li
(never salvages, never accepts surrender, ADL laser cap may be lifted)
SCol. Dev Iler
(Clan Protocol may be dropped)
SCol. Gran Newclay
(neither force may retreat, never surrenders)
SCpt. Geraldine
SCpt. Kithan Kyle
(Clan Protocol may be dropped)
SCpt. Nerran McKenna
SCol. Horse Pryde
SCpt. Alejandro (will only represent GGCom)
SCmd. Joanna
(ADL laser cap may be lifted)

Gyrfalcon Galaxy:
GCmd. Samantha Clees
SCol. Diane Anu
('mechs never get "damaged" or are repaired instantly, double normal salvage)
SCol. Evelyn Buhallin
(any 55-75t 'mech may be a hellbringer for that drop)
SCol. Rard Hoyt
SCpt. Taman Malthus

Peregrine Galaxy:
GCmd. Angeline Mattlov
SCol. Devinnia Guilli
(all tactics condoned, Clan Protocol may be dropped)
SCol. Kristen Redmond (never retreats, takes greatest risks)
SCpt. Kalvin Folkner (aerotech)
SCpt. Jason (elemental)
SCol. Evak Mattlov
SCpt. Jezebel Pryde
(drop restrictions no longer apply)

Units may challenge one another for these personalities in Trials if they wish. In an engagement or a planetary war, the victor gains the loser's representatives. At the start of each engagement or war, each commander declares their representatives, they gain the bonuses or impedities that accompany each representative. If, for example, the Jade Falcon Galaxy were to engage the Gyrfalcon Galaxy, using Dev Iler, they would be allowed to team freely, or engage in physical combat, or not declare their targets. If the Gyrfalcon Galaxy took Diane Anu, then even if both 'mechs lost a leg in combat, it would not be recorded as damaged, and any 'mechs claimed after battle that are damaged they would be repaired instantly (Diane Anu is a master technician as well as a 'mech pilot).

The use of these Personalities is more for role-playing on the part of the Galaxy Commanders then any concern of the engaging MechWarriors, the "special abilities" may be dropped by a vote for that one engagement. They also add an interesting tactical dimension. Should a Galaxy lose all of their personalities, and thus not be allowed to attack due to no representatives, then they will be forced to pay a "ransom" for one of their representatives. The amount given in 'mechs is up to the Galaxy Commanders to decide. Personalities with a unit designation next to them, and Galaxy Commanders, have all the positive abilities of every personality under them on the list - they are highly prized, but may prove too risky to use effectively. Elemental and Aerotech personalities will give you a free "star" of elementals (25 elementals) or a wing of aerotech (10). The common warrior does not need to worry about this, only the issued rules at the start of each engagement, this is the concern of the Galaxy Commanders and Star Colonels.

Single-Combat Rules

Either arranged by e-mail between commanders or spur-of-the-moment. Representatives are selected and their rule-altercations are declared, then combat take place like any ADL war, each team makes a force decleration document containing their forces, like so:

PCom00 - Executioner
PCom03 - Summoner
PCom08 - Phantom
PCom10 - Elemental (25)

V4V01 - Kodiak
V4V03 - Grizzly
V4V06 - Nova
V4V08 - Firemoth

Weapon rules are the same as ADL, although if you agree you can drop the limits or go by other rules. Note that warriors only report the 'mech designation destroyed, and the 'mech designation killed. "PCom02 destroyed, GCom03 destroyed, GCom09 destroyed." Individual kills are not recorded. There is another dimension, you report not only the 'mechs destroyed, but also any "maimed" 'mechs. If a leg is lost, or if a leg is red, that 'mech is classed "maimed" and cannot be used for an hour. After the hour, they are considered repaired.

Now, unlike ADL you cannot simply drop 2v2. There are weight restrictions, you can only drop 100 tons per mission (yes, 100 tons maximum!). Each chicken-walker counts as half-tonnage, round down. 'Mechs without torso-twist are not included in the tonnage restriction. A war hawk would count as 40 tons (half of 85 = 40). This may sound imbalanced, but picture a timber wolf and a summoner vs. an elemental point and an executioner. This will prompt battlefield tactics of supporting 'mechs. You can include an elemental point, they count as 5 tons, the elemental gets 4 regens (to make for 5 elementals, 1 point).

If you have a star of elementals, you may "swarm" your opponent. You do this by declaring the tonnage level (assault, heavy, medium or light) that you wish to swarm to the opponent BC. From that weight category, they select a specific 'mech. The drop is 5-1, regen on. Each elemental has 4 regens to make for 5 elementals (so it is 25-1 odds). Any dropped connections is considered a retreat, in which that unit survives. Warriors must record the number of their elementals destroyed, if 15 of the elementals were destroyed in a swarm, they would report "PCom 10 reporting. Target ['mech type] destroyed, 15 elementals destroyed - 10 elementals remaining" - the elementals destroyed would then be deducted from the force dec. 5 elemental kills count as 1 kill, it takes 5 elementals to make a point. Round up. This may seem dishonorable, a star vs. a point, but because of the mercs engine it is deamed feasable (elementals should be a lot more lethal then they are here).

Drops proceed as usual until either all 'mechs of one team are destroyed and victory is claimed. If, however, the battle must be called off before one unit is decimated both BC's either agree on A) draw or B) reschedule.

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