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You fight as you train, those hallowed words have echoed through countless camps, halls, training grounds, bases and armies. The mainstay of training is repetitive actions and the obsticle course, which often get a negative view by the troops.

To counter this we have several ways that our pilots can take pleasure in fighting and training, sharpening our talons is what we do between wars, and it is war where we appease them. Below there are several links which will take you to the various areas of the STAC, note there are no reciprocal linksfrom these, so to return to this page you must click on the Training Grounds link and input your password again or press the back button on your browser. The reason for this being so I can update the links easily without having to edit every single page in the STAC section.

MercNet Field Manual - A text file made by myself acting as a basic primer to MercNet, if you read its contents and follow them closely you should be able to hold your own against the average warrior; remember only experience makes the true warrior.

Galaxy Rosters - The forces of each Jade Falcon Galaxy and attached Clusters. These are used for the Inter-Star Clan Challenge, to better train the Warriors of the Wing.

InterStar Clan Challenge - The ISCC is a form in which Falcons may challenge one another to combat using real 'mechs, and so the standing of their unit is raised/lowered by their victories or defeats. Test your mettle.

Personal Training - If you feel you lack in a specific area or in fighting abilities in general, click here to get

an available list of Personal Trainers of the STAC. These will help you in your area of weakness, next to their names is contact information so you can choose one who's schedule will match yours.

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