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Credit Where Credit is Due

Any undertaking, whether large or small, is never done alone (even in combat, you have to have someone to kill, quiaff? <g>). This is where I wish to thank those who have helped the making of this site, the founding of this Clan, and those who have made my illustrious career possible as a Jade Falcon.

First off, I wish to thank (JF) Clinton, my recruitor, in the times before we had ranks. I wish to thank Kestrel and Lordface who formed Jade Falcon, and Kenetix for keeping the Clan alive during our hour of need. LzKing, Nebular and Swoop for being excellent starmates during the Cold NBT War, and DarkDemon - for even though we command seperate stations we always find a way to link up to form the DemonFly in numerous campaigns.

There are many people who have helped me, and they are too numerous to list. If I have left you out, be assured it is not because you were unimportant, but because my memory is taxed. :) I wish to thank Stephen Cross, whose database has aided in the forming of my own Holoprojector, and MercNet for getting my career started as a MechWarrior. I wish to thank Privateer, Wildside, Irish and BlackJack, Warsyn and Lone Wolf of Virtual World, above all Diesel who took an untrained freebirth and made a warrior out of him, I sometimes wonder what he would think if he knew I joined the elite ranks of Jade Falcon and earned my bloodname. Above all, be praised FASA! For FASA is the reason we have an existance in this fictional world called BattleTech. And of course, I thank my two sibko canisters for making me what I am today. :)

Honor to you Warriors, for you have all left a very profound effect in my life, I try to find meaning and read into everything, even video games. Now, let us follow this with some good links, I am confident they shall make good reading:


BattleTech Links:

Unit Links: - Clan Daimond Shark

League Links: - Astral Dominion League (ADL - MercNet) The Grand Council (GC - NetMech) - Fields of Honor (FoH - NetMech/Heavy Gear) - 3055 Mercs BattleTech League (3055 - MercNet, Mech3)

Database Sources: - ComStar - Trash's BattleTech Page - Pilot Databases


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