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The Refusal War

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Falcon Image

We are Jade Falcon, great among the clans. We are warriors who fight with the strength of the falcon's claw, and ascend to the heavens on wings of the same. With the clarity of falcon sight we remember the words of Kerensky. Through the smoke of time he speaks to us, his chosen, urging us onward with the promise of eden. We will retake what is ours by right, that shining jewel Terra. Not the vastness of space, nor the wolf's obstinent howl will stray us from our righteous goal. We are Crusaders and will crush all that stand in our way.

Elemental Image

Let those who stand in the way of the true Clan from reaching it's goal, the Star League reborn, flee. For the Falcon shall swoop down upon it's prey and annihilate them.

Jade Falcon Timber Wolf

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