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We are Jade Falcon, great among the clans. We are warriors who fight

with the strength of the falcon's claw, and ascend to the heavens on

wings of the same. With the clarity of falcon sight we remember the

words of Kerensky. Through the smoke of time he speaks to us, his

chosen, urging us onward with the promise of Eden. We will retake what

is ours by right, that shining jewel Terra. Not the vastness of space,

nor the wolf's obstinent howl will stray us from our righteous goal.



"To all citizens of the Inner Sphere do I, Aleksandr Kerensky, send greetings. Know that I have taken the remnant of the Star League Defense Force which has remained true to its purpose beyond the boundaries of the Inner Sphere, beyond the Periphery. I have done this, neither out of disappointment with those whom we leave behind, nor out of spite or disdain, as some will say. No, we have left the Inner Sphere because we love it too much to see it destroyed In the wake of the Usurper's coup, and the long, bitter fighting that came with it, I fear that my forces would do incalculable, possible irreparable, harm to our society. We are sworn to ward the Star League and its subjects, not destroy it. Thus, we have left the only homes we have ever known to place the destructive capability of this armada beyond the reach of those who would use it, not for defense, but for conquest. Perhaps, with the might of our 'Mechs and ships out of their reach, the leaders who now grapple with one another will relinquish their dreams of subjugating their neighbors and learn to live in peace with them. Perhaps, one day, should mankind step back from the brink of the abyss, we, or our children, or our children's children will return, to once more serve and protect and guide the Star League in mankind's quest for the stars. Farewell."
- Kerensky's Voice, Unnamed Star System, Deep Periphery, found 11 January 3060 by Task Force Serpent






Then Warrior Hazen grew cold
Watching noble DeChevalier die.
She heard her mind whisper
Urging her to fly,
To forget her duty.
But with a defiant cry
Proud Turkina dove
From the realm of death
To seize Hazen's heart
And shake it free of fear
Leaving pure her soul
And her duty clear.

--The Remembrance (Clan Jade Falcon), Passage 8, Verse 36, Lines 58-66


Remember those events that brought these fifteen years of shame. But
remember also those who fell to restore the glorious Star League. Above all,
remember the blood legacy of Aidan Pride, child of Kerensky; he made the
final sacrifice so that his Clan could continue. For eternity shall we praise
him; in fifteen years shall we avenge him.

-- The Remembrance (Clan Jade Falcon), Passage 417, Verse 29, Lines 74-79

Children of Kerensky, Your time is now.
Once you shattered the forces sent against you.
Once again the time has come to do it once more. Jade Falcons remember, Tukayyid.
Restore our lost honor and avenge our fallen.
We are the chosen.
We are the rightful heirs to Terra.
We are Jade Falcon.

The Remembrance (Clan Jade Falcon), Passage 428, Verse 40, Lines 91-97


And let us remember,
The great warriors
Who were sent to the dark heart of the Inner Sphere
To fight for glory,
and the Honor of the Falcon
Many obstacles did they meet along the way
And Inner Sphere treachery did they face
Some of them fell,
But all fought with honor, skill, and valor
Let us chant their names
In appreciation of their deeds
But above all, let us remember Dragonfly
Who's long road and great battles
led him to success,
in the name of the falcon
Through his actions, the light of the clan
shines down on all who will oppose us.

-- The Remembrance (Clan Jade Falcon), Passage 431, Verse 23, Lines 32-52



Tukayyid Remembered…



IlKhan Ulric Kerensky accepted ComStar's terms to fight a proxy battle for Terra on Tukayyid, but met some resistance when he presented the plan to the other Khans. Most of the Khans, however, were enthusiastic about what they felt sure would be an easy victory, and when the kurultai convened on the Dire Wolf to bid for Tukayyid, all the Clans bid fiercely. Then Khan Chistu and Khan Crichell won a good position on the assault schedule, and considered themselves well revenged against Clan Wolf for the ilKhan's many decisions humiliating Clan Jade Falcon. The Falcons were scheduled to assault the cities of Olalla and Humptulips.

(The following excerpt is from Jade Falcon Galaxy Commander Mar Helmer's report on the battle for Tukayyid)

"My Khan, this is my report. Gamma, Delta, and Vau Galaxy DropShips entered the atmosphere of Tukayyid without incident and landed unopposed on the Prezno Plain. Star Colonel Aidan Pryde led the Falcon Guards to cover the right flank of our advance, the Second Falcon Jaegers of Delta Galaxy covered the left flank, and the First Falcon Jaegers and Twelfth Falcon Regulars attempted to seize Robyn's Crossing and Plough Bridge, the two vital spans crossing the Prezno River..."

The First Falcon Jaegers encountered a series of heavily fortified positions two kilometers out from Robyn's Crossing. Star Colonel Rard Hoyt sent his Cluster's faster 'Mechs out to enfilade the ComGuard's 403rd Division, while his heavy OmniMechs launched a direct attack on the enemy positions. The battle was long and fierce, but the 403rd held its positions, even in the face of fighter strafing and Arrow IV bombardment. The Falcons' first break came when a Star of Elementals managed to slip behind the ComGuard lines and attack the 403rd's HQ. This "headhunter" attack killed Precentor Robert Maigatter, commander of the 403rd, and destroyed vital supplies and communication equipment. The ComGuard troops broke, allowing the Jade Falcon galaxy to penetrate their lines and annihilate more than 70 percent of the 403rd Division. In a simultaneous attack, the 305th Assault Cluster, backed by the 124th Striker Cluster, smashed through the troops of the 214th Division guarding the approaches to Plough Bridge. The 214th broke and scattered under the heavy Jade Falcon fire.

Meanwhile, Star Colonel Senza Oriega began her assault on the Robyn's Crossing Bridge approaches. The ComGuards 388th Division (the White Banshees) dropped back to pick up the remnants of the 403rd Division and occupy preset artillery and heavy concrete emplacements for tanks and infantry, and the Twelfth Falcon Regulars could make no headway against this determined defense. Star Colonel Aidan Pryde of the Falcon Guards broke the stalemate by leading several stars of jump-capable OmniMechs and Elementals on an unexpected flanking attack. The ComGuards, now under fire from multiple directions, fought hard, but to no avail. The Falcon Guards' Star Captain Joanna seemed to take particular pleasure in blasting ComGuard units out of their pillboxes and then ruthlessly destroying them. Twenty minutes after the tide of the battle turned, Clan Jade Falcon controlled Robyn's Crossing. With the 124th Striker Cluster and the 305th Assault Cluster in command of Plough Bridge, Clan Jade Falcon prepared to cross the Prezno River.

Khan Chistu awarded the honor of crossing first to Star Colonel Senza Oriega and the Twelfth Falcon Regulars, a decision the Falcon Guards protested, as it was their assault that allowed the Clan warriors to seize the bridge. Their protests had no effect. The Falcon Guard warriors knew that the Khan's decision added further shame to their unit's tainted history and reflected badly on their unorthodox commander, but there was no time for bidding or Trials of Refusal. Clans Wolf and Ghost Bear were already making rapid advances in their operational areas, and every Falcon warrior wanted to beat the Wolves. Star Colonel Senza Oriega, in her Executioner, led the Twelfth across the bridge. Just as she reached the center of the span, explosions ripped the bridge as hidden ComGuard demolition charges detonated. With a sickening screech of tearing metal, the bridge collapsed into the Prezno River, carrying two full Trinaries of the Twelfth Cluster with it and killing Senza Oriega, among others. Almost immediately, ComGuard fighters and artillery began to pound the Falcon positions, with 'Mechs and tanks from the 111th and 201st ComGuard Divisions taking up positions on the opposite side of the river.

The Fifth and Fourteenth Fighter Trinaries swept the ComGuard fighters from the sky and followed up with ground attacks against the 201st Division artillery positions and ground forces. Meanwhile, the Falcon Guards and Second Falcon Regulars used jump-capable OmniMechs to leap across a narrow part of the swift-moving Prezno, losing eleven 'Mechs and a Star of Elementals in the process. Once across, the units split up, the Falcon Guards moving to secure Robyn's Crossing and the Second Falcon Regulars taking Plough Bridge. The 111th and 201st Divisions fought a brave delaying action, but the damage suffered in the massed fighter attacks combined with the unexpected speed of the two-pronged Falcon attack forced them to retreat toward Olalla. When both sides of the wrecked bridges were secure, engineers brought construction equipment to build pontoon bridges and allow the bulk of the Clan forces to advance across the Prezno.

The Falcon Guards and Second Falcon Regulars, meanwhile, moved closer to Olalla. Weak resistance by the tanks and light 'Mechs of the 77th Division resulted only in ComGuard deaths. Star Colonels Aidan Pryde and Marthe Pryde led their troops into the outskirts of Olalla before realizing that the city did not match intelligence information gathered during the bidding for Tukayyid. Suspecting a trap, Star Colonel Aidan Pryde ordered his units back out of the fake city, but even as he gave the order, the survivors of the 111th and 201st Divisions, along with the main part of the 77th Division, charged from concealed positions and engaged the Falcon forces.

Alpha Trinary's Heavy Star bore the brunt of the fierce fighting, but the ComGuards lost many 'Mechs in the initial skirmish, the Crockett piloted by the commander of the Second Battalion of the ComGuard 201st Division being the first to fall when struck in the head by an ER PPC from Star Commander Jula Huddock's Executioner. The ComGuards retaliated by destroying a Mad Dog with a massed laser barrage, executing the pilot as he ejected. The remainder of Alpha Heavy, now surrounded and cut off from the rest of the Falcon guards, annihilated an entire company of ComGuard 'Mechs before being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of their opponents. Star Commander Huddock's Executioner fell last, toppling to the ground surrounded by the wreckage of ComGuard 'Mechs. Aerospace support allowed the Falcon Guards to break out of the ComGuard trap, in the process wiping out the last of the 201st and 77th Divisions in return for the ruthless executions of the brave warriors of Alpha Heavy.

The 89th and 94th Falcon Clusters and the First Falcon Velites crossed the pontoon bridges as soon as they were completed and joined the Falcon Guards and Second Falcon Regulars. The combined Clan force moved relentlessly though the city of Olalla, driving the ComGuards before them. Just as it seemed that the Falcons controlled the city, the entire uncommitted reserves of the ComGuard Third and Eleventh Armies, six divisions strong arrived from Humptulips by DropShip. These fresh units immediately assaulted the Falcon advance forces while the ComGuard Fourth Army reinforced by the remnants of the 388th and 214th Divisions began an all-out attack on the Falcon bridgeheads. Khan Chistu committed Peregrine Galaxy to support Robyn's Crossing, and Gyrfalcon Galaxy to Plough Bridge, leaving no reinforcements available for Star Colonel Aidan Pryde.

With the bulk of the Jade Falcon forces pinned down at the bridges, a second DropShip assault, bringing the forces of the First ComGuard Army led by Precentor Katherine Luarca, began on Olalla. A lucky air strike by ComGuard fighters destroyed the Jade Falcon Galaxy's ammunition depot at Robyn's Crossing, and later analysis showed this to be the turning point of the campaign. The 89th and 94th Falcon Striker Clusters and the Second Falcon Regulars had begun to run low on ammunition, The Falcon Guards barely noticed the loss, as Star Colonel Pryde had outfitted most of the Guard 'Mechs with energy weapons. Khans Crichell and Chistu realized even if they defeated the current assault, their troops carried insufficient ammunition and supplies to take both their objectives. They reluctantly ordered a withdrawal.

Supported by the Fifth Fighter Trinary, the Falcon Guards, Second and Seventh Regulars, and First Falcon Velites began to withdraw towards the bridgeheads. Clan orbital surveillance vessels showed the ComGuard 309th Division in position to cut off the Falcon retreat, and Star Colonel Marthe Pryde moved her Second Falcon Regulars in an intercept course. This battle ranks among the bloodiest on Tukayyid, exceeded only by the ComGuard Seventh Army's annihilation of Clan Nova Cat's Alpha Galaxy. The Second Falcon Regulars suffered nearly 70 percent casualties, but obliterated the 309th Division so completely that it never re-formed. Marthe Pryde alone destroyed nine ComGuard 'Mechs, including the Atlas piloted by Precentor Rennard Thordarson, commander of the 309th.

The four withdrawing Jade Falcon Clusters crossed the bridge at Robyn's Crossing, smashing through the ComGuards 90th Division to reach their DropShips, which landed at the Falcon's original LZ. The ComGuards managed to land two Overlord Class DropShips carrying the 104th Division behind Jade Falcon lines, with orders to stop the Falcons from leaving Tukayyid. This operation was timed to coincide with an all-out rear assault on the retreating Falcons. The ComGuards' plan to crush the Jade Falcon between the two forces failed when a Trinary of Jade Falcon Elementals led by Elemental Star Commander Selima attacked the ComGuards landing zone before the Overlords deployed their 'Mechs. Star Commander Selima damaged a ComGuard Highlander in such a way that it fell back into the 'Mech bay of the DropShip and exploded, causing a chain reaction of blasts which reduced the massive ship to a blazing ruin. The Elementals withdrew before the forces in the second DropShip could recover from the shock of this loss, and the Elemental counterstrike, in addition to fighter strafing and massive Arrow-IV missile attacks, allowed most of the Jade Falcons to safely board their DropShips and leave the planet. Star Colonel Aidan Pryde almost single-handedly foiled the final, desperate attempt by Comstar to interdict the evacuation by destroying more than a company of ComGuard 'Mechs before he himself was killed.





The Saga Continues….




Jade Falcon Planetary Command Post
Outskirts of Sudeten City, Sudeten
Clan Jade Falcon Military Occupation Zone
2 February 3060

 It is a sunny day in the outskirts of Sudeten City, Khan Nikolai Malthus perched on top a hill in a Timber Wolf is overseeing training of the newest mechwarriors to join Rho Galaxy's Eyrie Cluster by Star Colonel Mikos Roshak, the Eyrie Cluster Commander. As Khan Malthus observes the training, Galaxy Commander Dragonfly Chistu arrives in a Timber Wolf on top of the hill and parks his Timber Wolf next to Khan Malthus's.

"Hail Galaxy Commander Chistu."

"Hail Khan Malthus. I see Star Colonel Roshak has been working hard at training the new mechwarriors of the Eyrie Cluster." "Aye Galaxy Commander, but they look pathetic. They do not understand what it means to be a Jade Falcon and how important the training is in the making of a Jade Falcon MechWarrior. Roshak needs to train these warriors harder."

"My Khan, Star Colonel Mikos Roshak is a good trainer and he has proven that. Rho Galaxy has some great warriors and their names will someday be written in the remembrance and their codex will join the gene pool."

"Well, Galaxy Commander, perhaps these new warriors may be a bit much for him. Go down there and see if he needs any assistance."
"Aye Khan Malthus, I will assist him any way I can."

"I am sure he would appreciate any input you have to offer Galaxy Commander Chistu. Oh yes, by the way Chistu, several DropShips will be arriving during the next couple days. These DropShips carry battlemechs and mechwarriors which we will be part of the reformed Peregrine Galaxy. Peregrine Galaxy will be under your command."

"That is great news Khan Malthus, Thank you."


Dragonfly powers up his Timber Wolf and proceeds down the hill as Khan Malthus continues to oversee the training exercises. A few moments later a message comes through over the intercom of Khan Malthus's Timber Wolf. Galaxy Commander Nightmare Pryde appears on the Comm screen.

"Khan Malthus we have an emergency."
"What it is Galaxy Commander?"

"Sir, the HPG in the Omega Plains on Butler has been attacked by an unknown mercenary unit," exclaims Pryde.
"Any survivors Pryde?"

"Negative, the two stars from the Gyrfalcon Galaxy stationed there were decimated. Final transmission from Butler reported about 4 maybe 5 stars of Inner Sphere battlemechs."

"FREEBIRTHS! Galaxy Commander Pryde, Galaxy Commander Ken Malthus is conducting maneuvers with the 8th Talon Cluster and 1st Talon Cluster of Gyrfalcon Galaxy on Twycross. Inform will him of the situation and tell him to send Star Colonel Allison Sonoma along with a trinary from the 8th Talon Cluster to investigate and report back to me on the situation. I shall meet with Khan Hazen to discuss this matter. I want Galaxy Commander Dragonfly Chistu to take the Ghosts of the Black Watch and recon the area and if possible to sabotage their sensor array. Once we know who and what we are dealing with, then bring in the mechs. We want to avoid damaging the HGP."

"Affirmative, Khan Malthus. I will keep you posted."

Khan Malthus nods his head and Galaxy Commander Pryde vanishes off the Comm screen. Nikolai powers up his Timber Wolf and returns to base. Meanwhile back at the training grounds Star Colonel Roshak continues to train the up and coming mechwarriors.

"Come on, you fight like those filthy Steel Vipers!"
"Star Colonel, how is the training coming along?" Dragonfly Chistu asks as he stops aside Roshak's Summoner.

"It is coming along Galaxy Commander Chistu."
"That is good to hear Star Colonel keep up the good work. If you need any help just say so."
"Thank you Galaxy Commander Chistu."

As Dragonfly observes the training Galaxy Commander Nightmare Pryde appears on the Comm screen.
"Galaxy Commander Chistu we have an emergency, Inner Sphere mechs hit our HPG post on Butler."

"What? By who? Any survivors Galaxy Commander Pryde?"

"Negative sir, Gyrfalcon's Snow Dark Wing Solahma unit was stationed there. They died with honor. Khan Malthus has ordered the Ghost of the Black Watch black ops unit to investigate and counterattack. Galaxy Commander Ken Malthus is in the vicinity now waiting to send Star Colonel Allison Sonoma and a trinary from the 8th Talon Cluster of Gyrfalcon down to the planet but wants Ghost of the Black Watch to see what we are up against and possibly do some damage. We would like to prevent as much damage to the HPG as possible. Because of the location of the Uplink we cannot use mechs or elementals unless we knockout the sensor array or they will see us coming. One last note. The LZ is going to have to be quite a distance away so you will have to foot it to the location. Once the sensor array is sabotaged, Star Colonel Sonoma will drop with the mech assault force."

"Affirmative Galaxy Commander Pryde, inform Khan Malthus that I will get the men together and rendezvous with Galaxy Commander Ken Malthus as soon as we are ready to go."

"Roger that Galaxy Commander Chistu. I will meet you on board the Falcon Fury in an hour."

Nightmare Pryde vanishes off the Comm screen and Dragonfly departs and heads back to base to prepare for the mission. Then he and his men, along with their mechs and elemental suits, board the Overlord Class Dropship Falcon Fury then the Dropship blasts off and rendezvous with the Jumpship Independence which will take them to the Butler system where they would rendezvous with Galaxy Commander Ken Malthus who is aboard the Overlord Class Dropship Hazen's Pride which is docked with the Odyssey class Jumpship Omega One.

A few days later the Dropship Falcon Fury docks with the Jumpship Omega One.


Jumpship Omega One
Butler System
5 February 3060

"Hail Galaxy Commander Dragonfly Chistu!" Ken greets Dragonfly with a salute.
"Hail Galaxy Commander Ken Malthus," Dragonfly returns the salute.

"Dragonfly, you know your mission. You and your men will be dropped at an LZ about 20 kilometers away from target since the K-1C Dropshuttle Talon-1 could risk being detected at any closer range. The shuttle is waiting over at airlock 3 and ready to go whenever you are."

"Roger that Ken. We shall not fail."

"I should hope not Dragonfly. As soon as the array is out we will take the Hazen's Pryde down and drop right on top of them. They will not know what hit them and by the time they do it will be too late. Glory to Jade Falcon!"

"Glory to Jade Falcon! We shall return victorious Ken."
"Good luck Dragonfly."

Ken and Dragonfly shake hands and Dragonfly disappears down the hallway to airlock 3. A little while later the Ghosts of the Black Watch board the K-1C and buckle in as the shuttle releases the docking clamps and heads down to the planet surface.

Meanwhile back aboard the Hazen's Pryde....

"Galaxy Commander Malthus, one of our frigates just on the edge of our long range sensors stopped communications." "Hmmmm, well Star Captain Cogburn Mattlov, it probably just passed out of communications range and there is nothing to worry about I am sure. Make sure everyone is ready to drop. We will be dropping as soon as we hear the ok from Galaxy Commander Chistu down on Butler."

"Roger that Galaxy Commander Malthus, I shall keep you posted if I hear from the frigate."
"Very well Star Captain Mattlov."

Back on Butler, the K-1C Dropshuttle lands in a small canyon about 20 km away from target and the cargo bay door opens up and Galaxy Commander Dragonfly Chistu, Galaxy Commander Nightmare Pryde, Star Commander Red Eye, Star Commander Hellwolf, and Star Commander Maddog move out into the woods looking out for any sight of enemy mechs while the shuttle door of the shuttle closes and the shuttle lifts off and disappears into the sky.

"Alright men, we got a long trek ahead of us so lets move out and be careful, we still do not know who we are up against." Says Dragonfly as they head off to the HPG. Eventually they spot what seems to be an encampment in the distance. As they approach the encampment they spot two orbital gun batteries in a small meadow.

"Star Commander Maddog, disable those guns with disrupter charges or the dropships will be sitting ducks. Take cover here and we will signal when to activate the charges."

"Roger that Galaxy Commander Chistu, it is as good as done."

As nightfall comes, Maddog sneaks into the encampment and places the charges on the orbital guns and disappears into the forest and awaits the signal from the others as they make their way for the HPG.

A couple hours later the Ghost of the Black Watch unit arrives on top a ridge about a kilometer away from the HPG post....

"Alright men, there is the HPG. From the looks of it that looks like a Hanson's Roughriders insignia on those mechs guarding the HPG. We need to get within seven hundred and fifty meters then Nightmare, you short out the array with the laser. Do not miss, we may get only one chance. Right before you fire the laser I will signal Maddog to neutralize those orbital guns and give the Hazen's Pryde the ok to drop. Let us just hope there are no more. Reports only showed possibility of 2 orbital guns and we found those. There seem to be about 3 stars of med and light mechs and a few assault mechs outside the HPG. If we time this right then the Hazen's Pride can come in over the HPG and elemental units can drop and do their dirty work then the mechs can clean up. Everything clear?"

The rest of the team nod their heads at Galaxy Commander Chistu in acknowledgment.

"Alright move out. We do not have a long time before the sun comes up. We will show them what happens to Inner Sphere scum that attack Falcon worlds." Says Chistu.

After some time of zigging and zagging among the rocks and shrubbery littering the Omega Plains, they finally get close enough for Nightmare to be accurate with a laser. Dragonfly signals for Maddog to neutralize the orbital guns, and with a flip of a switch sparks and smoke flies from the orbital guns putting them out of commission. Nightmare targets the array on top the bunker and zaps it with his laser rifle knocking it out. Moments later the roar from the Hazen's Pride's engines are heard as it comes down just above the outpost firing at the enemy mechs surrounding the outpost taking out several assault mechs and some mediums then the bay door opens and a dozen elementals drop out from the dropship and storm the outpost along with the Ghost of the Black Watch as some of the mercenaries manage to get to their mechs and some begin to pick off the elementals while the others engage the dropship. Moments later the dropship hovers above and Star Colonel Allison Sonoma in her Timber Wolf drops from the Hazen's Pride unleashing the full fury of her mech's weaponry on the enemy mechs below ripping apart a Warhammer with blasts from her dual Extended Range Medium Lasers and Particle Projection Cannons, tearing off the Warhammer's arms, and laughing as she watches the Particle Projection Cannon barrels on the Warhammer drop to the ground. The Warhammer returns fire with a volley of short-range missiles and 4 medium lasers pounding the armor of Allison Sonoma's Timber Wolf. Star Colonel Sonoma begins circling the enemy Warhammer in a Circle of Death. Allison Sonoma now feeling the heat buildup from the impact of the Warhammer's lasers on her mech along with her own weapon fire targets the Warhammer and fires her Particle Projection Cannons hitting the Warhammer square in the torso destroying all the remaining Warhammer's weapons except the shoulder mounted short-range missile pack. Staggering the enemy Warhammer with the blow from her Particle Projection Cannons, she lets loose on the Warhammer with her Extended Range Lasers piercing the Warhammer's cockpit killing the pilot just as the MechWarrior lets off a final volley of 6 missiles from his short-range pack which slams into the side of Allison Sonoma's Timber Wolf rattling her mech. Smoke billows out of the cockpit of the Warhammer as it now stands as dead hulk of metal. Sonoma's XO MechWarrior Roland in his Hellbringer finishes off a Roughrider Hatomoto-Chi with a devastating Death From Above maneuver crushing the cockpit. The rest of Star Colonel Allison Sonoma's command star finishes off the few remaining mechs with ease while the elementals finish off any mercs that might still be hiding out in the outpost. In a last ditch effort, a badly damaged Roughrider Centurion makes kamikaze dash for MechWarrior Aron's Summoner which happens to be the closest and slams into the side causing internal ammo explosions to erupt throughout both mechs creating a tremendous explosion. Fortunately MechWarrior Aron was able to eject just before the impact with minor injuries. The Hazen's Pride lands nearby and Galaxy Commander Ken Malthus walks down the ramp to meet Galaxy Commander Dragonfly Chistu and the rest of the Ghost of the Black Watch team.

"Great job Dragonfly, your team did well. We have retaken the HPG and suffered minor casualties. Someone had to hire these dezgra to attack this world. We shall find out whom and crush them. Your team deserves a commendation. The Dropshuttle will be here momentarily to bring you back up to the Omega One."

"Thank you Ken, everyone is all right. Star Commander Red Eye suffered blaster wound but will recover just fine. As far as Star Commander Maddog, I have not seen him since we left him behind to take care of the orbital guns we found. We will have to go back and search for him."

"Then again maybe not Dragonfly, here he comes."

Dragonfly turns around and sees Star Commander Maddog pull up in a Savannah Master hovercraft he managed to capture back at the orbital gun encampment.
"Good to see you Star Commander Maddog. I am glad you made it." Says Dragonfly in happiness.
"Thank you sir. It was a job well done and I even brought back a souvenir." Maddog laughs.
"I see Star Commander Maddog. Good work."

The K-1C Dropshuttle arrives to take the Ghost of the Black Watch back to the Omega One.

"Well Ken, it looks like we shall see you back at Sudeten when you return."

"Affirmative Dragonfly, we will stick around to clean up and the two stars that came with Star Colonel Sonoma will stay here and guard the HPG for the time being until we can relieve them."

"Alright Ken, take care."
"You too Dragonfly."

Both men return snappy salutes. Then Ghost of the Black Watch board the Dropshuttle and it lifts off and heads for the Omega One.

The Dropshuttle docks with the Omega One and the Ghosts of the Black Watch disembark and board the Falcon Fury looking forward to some rest and relaxation. As the Omega One Jumpship prepares for jump, sirens break out throughout the Jumpship and docked ships and a voice comes out over the intercom.

"This is a red alert, 3 Word of Blake Impavido class destroyers approaching off starboard."
"Attention Clan Jumpship, this is Captain Jackson of the destroyer Blake's Sword. You are hearby ordered to surrender or be destroyed."

"What? Is this guy insane? Jumpships are supposed to be neutral. They do not stand a chance of capturing an Odyssey Class Jumpship so they want us to surrender? Well we have firepower too and if they want a fight then they shall get one." Exclaims Galaxy Commander Dragonfly Chistu.

Star Admiral Van Jankmon of the Omega One already knowing that there will be no surrender targets the Word of Blake destroyers ready to fight it out. Moments later there is a bright flash of light and 3 Jade Falcon warships come out of jump behind the Word of Blake destroyers. The Cameron Class battlecruisers the Emerald Talon, the Gold Talon, and the McKenna Class battleship Jade Talon. Before the Word of Blake destroyers can react, the Jade Talon fires it's naval Particle Projection Cannons at the center destroyer demolishing it's engines disabling it.

"Attention Word of Blake destroyers, this is Khan Nikolai Malthus of Clan Jade Falcon. You have committed a foolish act; surrender or you shall be destroyed. As you can see your command ship is already been disabled. If you chose we can fight this out if you want to die."





"Khan Malthus, I am Captain Jackson of the Word of Blake destroyer Blake’s Sword. This HPG is Word of Blake property. Relinquish the HPG and control of Butler to us immediately!" Khan Nikolai Malthus laughs and turns towards Star Admiral Adrian Malthus , commander of the Jade Talon warship. "Star Admiral, target the cruiser to the left and order the Emerald Talon and Gold Talon to target the one on the right. Launch aerospace squadrons to provide fire support. " "Aye my Khan, targeting enemy vessels as ordered. Aerospace fighters launching as we speak." Khan Malthus opens the channel back to the Word of Blake ships, "Captain Jackson, you are in no position to be making any orders here freebirth scum. You have one final chance to surrender or I will not hesitate to destroy your ships." "Very well then Khan Malthus, I shall see you in hell." "In that case Captain Jackson, tell them you were sent there courtesy of Clan Jade Falcon." "Star Admiral, fire all batteries." "Aye , Aye my Khan, all weapons targeted and firing. Enemy aerospace fighters detected and Bravo and Echo Wings intercepting."

Beams of light and streams of Naval Autocannon shells lance out at the Word of Blake destroyers ravaging them as they return fire. The Word of Blake command ship explodes in a ball of fire while the second Word of Blake destroyer’s hull is ruptured by several direct hits by naval autocannons from the Jade Falcon warships sparking fires throughout the destroyer. "Khan Malthus, the Emerald Talon is taking heavy fire. One of the Word of Blake ships is surrendering, their command ship is destroyed and the third cruiser is disabled. All enemy fighters eliminated. The Emerald Talon reports damage to the starboard side. Gold Talon reports minor hull damage. Bravo Wing reports 1 loss. Echo Wing reports no casualties. Both wings returning to bays." "We shall interrogate the prisoners and see what they know. Hopefully they can gives us some insight on who is responsible for this assault on our world." Says Khan Malthus as he stares out the bridge watching the boarding craft dock with the captured Word of Blake vessel. Khan Malthus opens a channel to the Omega One, "Galaxy Commander Dragonfly Chistu, once operations are finished here return to Sudeten. There are some matters we need to discuss." "Roger that, Khan Malthus. I estimate matters here will be finished within a day." "Very well Galaxy Commander. Khan Malthus out." Khan Malthus closes the channel. "Star Admiral, plot a course back to Sudeten." "Aye, Aye my Khan. Course set, heading back to Sudeten."



Jade Falcon Planetary Command Post
Outskirts of Sudeten City, Sudeten
Clan Jade Falcon Military Occupation Zone
12 February 3060

The Jade Talon arrives in orbit above Sudeten. A shuttle carrying Khan Malthus leaves the Jade Talon under aerospace escort and heads for the Jade Falcon Planetary Command Post on Sudeten. Several minutes later the shuttle lands and the aerospace fighters return to the Jade Talon. A door on the shuttle opens and Khan Malthus exits the shuttle and heads for the War Room to work on tactical plans.

Several hours later a jump point opens above Sudeten and the Falcon Jumpship Omega One enters orbit above Sudeten. Minutes later the Dropship Falcon Fury detaches from the jumpship’s docking ring and heads down to the surface where it lands at the Jade Falcon Planetary Command Post. Galaxy Commander Dragonfly Chistu proceeds to exit the dropship and heads to the War Room to meet with Khan Malthus.

"Ah Galaxy Commander, welcome back. Indeed a commendable job back on Butler." Says Khan Malthus as Dragonfly walks through the door. "Thank you Khan Malthus, the warriors that lost their lives in the initial assault died with honor. Our victory at the outpost was done in honor of them. I also have something to report. The Roughrider unit that assault HPG did so from Twycross." "Twycross? Somehow that does not surprise me. Those damned Vipers would stoop to working with mercenary scum." "Affirmative, they lack the honor of a true Clan. There is a slight possibility that they originated from Trell Khan but unlikely." "Well Galaxy Commander, we must take Twycross first then Trell. This way we cut off the Viper supply route to Persistence and Bensinger. Then we shall take those as well.

While you were on the last mission Galaxy Commander, the rest of the battlemech reinforcements that we were waiting for arrived. We are at full strength. Khan Hazen is still on route to the homeworlds in wake of the defeat of Smoke Jaguar on Huntress. He has plans for the IS there while we take care of business here. Inform Star Colonel Taman Malthus that I want the Falcon Guards and the 9th Talon Cluster to hit a base located on the Carswell Barrens on Twycross. Recons spotted heavy merc activity there at Auburn Depot. No snakes spotted on Twycross though which bothers me. Just merc activity. The Vipers must be confident that the mercs can keep things secure. They will learn the hard way. With Peregrine Galaxy rebuilt and under your command, I want you and the 94th Striker Cluster led by Star Colonel Kristen Redmond to hit Antares City on Antares. The Vipers have established a base there and could try to launch an assault from there. We need to hit them first.

Now, Sigma Galaxy Commander Timur Malthus and Sigma Galaxy are back in the homeworlds as well as most of Iota Galaxy on Ironhold preparing for Khan Hazen’s arrival at the moment while Sigma Galaxy’s 2nd Falcon Velites are on Eden on garrison duty due to increasing raid attempts. They will deal with the situations there."

The War Room door opens as Khan Malthus punches up a layout of Trell and Galaxy Commander Nightmare Pryde enters the room. "Galaxy Commander Pryde, nice of you to join us. I hope you got some rest and relaxation after that last mission?" Khan Malthus asks with a little smile. "Affirmative Khan Malthus, I must say I did enjoy it. Galaxy Commander Chistu briefed me on the new information." "Excellent, well then now that you are here, I want to send a force to take Trell. We need to cut off the Steel Viper supply line and taking Twycross and Trell would pretty much take care of that. As commander of Gyrfalcon Galaxy any suggestions?" "Well Khan Malthus, I would recommend the 8th Talon Cluster. Allison Sonoma’s unit." "Agreed, she has proven to be an excellent commander. Here is the tactical information on Trell from the recon reports.. Proceed with Operation: Falcon Storm." Khan Malthus hands Nightmare the tactical information on Trell. All three men salute then both Dragonfly and Nightmare exit the room leaving Khan Malthus to work on other matters.

-Khan Nikolai Malthus


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