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The Attack of Donegal

The warriors of the mighty Jade Falcon Clan swept in to envelop their prey. Fighting swift and fiercly they took the planet of Donegal and caused twice as much damage as they took.

As nightfall came, the Jade Falcons came from all directions. Knowing the enemy had not known for long that they had arrived, the Jade Falcons struck. Dragonfly in his G.L.A.D.C.S. varient, palms sweaty, anticipating the fight. He stepped his Executioner forward, in the journey towards the cities of Donegal. Approaching the first city, with minor resistance, Dragonfly and his wing engaged the enemy 'Mechs.

"I challenge your best warrior to zellbrigen.", came Dragonfly's crackly voice on nearby 'Mechs radios. One Mechwarrior stepped forward, then began to run in a circular pattern around Dragonfly. Dragonfly immediately fired his jump jets, missing the laser fire. Dragonfly, moving his 'Mech to a closer range, fired his Medium Pulse Lasers hitting the enemy MadDog in the right arm, causing armor to come steaming off. Dragonfly then got to within Fifty meters, then fired his twin Flamers. One of the Flamers hit the MadDog in the Center torso, spiking the 'Mech's heat, while the other missed far to the right. Suddenly the MadDog started running away from Dragonfly, but torso twisting to keep his retricle on target. Once the MadDog hit the minimum range for its twin Long Range Twenty missile packs, he let loose. Dragonfly, still awaiting, took a few pepper shots from the missiles,
for he had his Anti-Missile system engaged.
Dragonfly decided it was time to end this charade, fired his jump jets, and came to a roaring stop, right on top of the MadDog's head. This move, causing virtually no damage to Dragonfly, killed the other pilot almost instantly, and demolishing the MadDog. Dragonfly fought hard against the controls to keep his 'Mech upright and succeeded. Stepping forward from the remains, he ordered his trothkin to attack.
As the other enemy 'Mechs saw their comrade destroyed, they came running from surrounding buildings, aiming for any Jade Falcon 'Mech standing. As they came further from the city the night was lit with lasers pulsing, and missiles flaring, but the defenders could not stop this force. The first of many city's had been taken, the fight for Donegal had started.


As the sun arose the next day, the Jade Falcon warriors climbed into their war machines and began their way towards the last few cities yet to be taken. Having suffered only minimal losses the day before, and having rested and healed their wounds, both physical and mechanical; they were excited with the soon to be victory of yet another planet on the road to Terra.

Dragonfly had taken down many 'Mechs the day before, and hoped to gain a few more kills yet today. Forcing his 'Mech forward to the last stronghold of Donegal he began to feel proud. As the Jade Falcons approached the stronghold, the enemy 'Mechs stepped forward from it, and engaged the enemy forces.
Dragonfly immediately fired his Extended Range Large Laser, burning a hole deep into the Panther's internal armor in its Right Arm. Dragonfly fired again, heating the internal-structure of the Panther's right arm and melting it right off.
The Panther finnally returned fire, using his Short Range missile Six pack. Three of the missiles hit Dragonfly's Executioner, causing minimal damage abroad. The Panther then fired his Medium Laser melting off some armor on Dragonfly's Executioner's Left arm.
Since the gap between Dragonfly and the enemy Panther had been greatly decreased, Dragonfly open fired with every laser he had. The Two Medium Pulse lasers stabbed holes into the left leg of the Panther, while the two Small Pulse lasers stabbed at the Panthers torso and the Extended Range Large laser burned armor off the Panther's left arm.
Dragonfly, knowing his 'Mech was extremely hot at the moment, decided to risk firing both Flamers yet. He fired them both, hitting the Panther square in the Center torso. The pilot of the Panther must have thought life was better than death, and ejected. Dragonfly watched for a moment as the remains of the Panther exploded into large chunks of armor and green heat sinks fluid.
Dragonfly proceeded the fight, taking down a few other enemy warriors. In the end, the attack of Donegal was successful. Dragonfly had taken down a total of ten enemy pilots and had not lost his own 'Mech. After Dragonfly had returned to his dropship and awaited the return to the Jumpship in system.
At the debriefing, it was announced that approximately 30 Jade Falcon 'Mechs had fallen, and approximately 60 enemy 'Mechs had fallen. Afterwards, he went to his room and rested, awaiting the next attack he would participate in.

-Star Commander AaronFooKryla


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