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Ping Pong?

Falcon Rap

During out engagements, certain falcons have recorded the exploits in short stories, recalling the valor in which a combat was fought or the glory won by the honorable Clansmen. But these are not the only stories recorded. Sometimes a completely fictional story is created, sometimes inspired by actual events. Any warrior can send in a story to be posted.

Fictional storys have their titles in green, stories based on actual Jade Falcon battles have their titles in red. Beside each story is the date given in month/day/year and the author.

The Falcon's Cry (16 Oct 1997) - Wight Pryde
A Second Chance (5 Dec 1997) - Wight Pryde
Battle Story (12 Dec 1997) - Aaron Foo Kryla
Flashback!! (17 Dec 1997) - Wight Pryde
The Attack of Donegal (1 Jan 1998) - Aaron Foo Kryla
Last Stand (1 Jan 1998) - Wight Pryde
Trial by Fire - A True Story (3 Jan 1998) - Nightmare Pryde
The Falcon and the Viper (3 Jan 1998) - Wight Pryde
Maelstorm (8 Jan 1998) - Wight Pryde
Death Stalking .... (12 Jan 1998) - Wight Pryde
The Quest (15 Jan 1998) - Wight Pryde
Time Running Out (1998) - Wight Pryde
Full Circle (1998) - Wight Pryde
Jade Banner (20 March 1998) Dragonfly Chistu
One's Own Worst Enemy (21 March 1998) Wight Pryde
Glory by Blood (9 June 1998) Dragonfly Chistu
Battle of Broken Hope (22 September 1998) Dragonfly Chistu
Project 134 (24 November 1998) Dragonfly Chistu
The Saga Continues... (18 January 1999) Nikolai Malthus



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