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Preferred BattleMech: Executioner

Davies was born to an experimental sibko in a small laboratory on the southern continent of Eden, his matrileneal lineage was a cross between Hazen, Pryde and Chistu in an operation called "Purity Control" - by mixing several varying lineages they hoped to make a stronger sibko. The theory was based on the Royalty on ancient Terra, when the blood lines became too concentrated they lost ability, and thus the English monarchy for example had to mix with the German monarchy for nothing more than the sake of blood stability.

The operation was less-than-successful, 20 sibkin were bred and shipped off to Ironhold. The warriors posted there tested in under-average ability, the only exceptions being Regnar, who tested highly and bore the closest genetical make-up to Hazen. Cedric, who shared the majority of his genetics with Pryde, and Davies, who had the Chistu counterpart. Most of the others washed out or died in training, 12 total.

February 03, 3051
Huntress, Jade Eyrie Cluster

After graduating from Ironhold, MechWarrior Davies was shipped to the Jade Eyrie Cluster based on Huntress, most of his sibkin were split up into seperate Galaxies or Clusters. After the Purity Control incident the sibkin were largly ignored, a failred project. Little chance to garner honor was made, and the only pilot in the sibko that was able to achieve rank higher than MechWarrior was Star Commander Regnar and Cedric. Life for Davies became very difficult, but above all it would prove to be a rather boring year. He tested out for duty in a Mad Dog, and would pilot it for the duration on Huntress and some of his career on the front lines.


November 10, 3052
La Grave, Jade Falcon Occupation Zone

Davies was later transfered to Bravo Beak of the Fourth Falcon Velites and was stationed in La Grave, it would not be long before the the negotiations with ComStar...

"Okay, listen up men," the voice of Star Colonel Evak Mattlov boomed over the loudspeakers, "a deal has been forged with the Inner Sphere contingent known as ComStar - who have been working with the Clans during our invasion. This is the fight for Terra, to be held on a proxy planet called Tukayyid! We can rest assured the Star League banner will soon be raised over the lands of Terra once more when we are successful. The price of failure is fifteen years of silence."


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