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The Former Home of the Clan Jade Falcon

The Refusal War

Due to the creators and their writers efforts to intentionally or not, weaken and possibly destroy this proud and glorious Clan, I have decided to remove this website from the net. It will disappear forever on 1 Dec 96. I have spent more than a year developing this site, trying to make it better for all fans of BattleTech. I have been playing the game since 1986 and feel it is time to move on. Ten years is a long time to devote to a game, including thousands of dollars on books, manuals, figures, tournaments, etc., only to watch it slip in my opinion, into mediocrity. I seem to have no luck with Fasa and games they create. Does anyone remember Renegade Legions? If so, you know exactly where I'm coming from. If not, you missed probably the finest game ever made (IMHO).

I apologize if this hurts anyone. However, as you know, the Net is a big place, someone will step-in and take the torch, and perhaps do a better job than I. :)

Clan Jade Falcon Rules of Engagement
Clan Jade Falcon Battle Lineage
Clan Jade Falcon Bloodnames
Clan Jade Falcon Personalities
Clan Glossary
ilKhan Battles
Mechworks 1.1 (zipped)
Clan Jade Falcon Specific 'Mechs (Mechworks 1.1 format) (zipped)

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