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Jade Falcon Clan Hall

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...and forth came the children of Kerensky, to restore what was lost,
and to enlighten what was forgotten...


Take a seat, warrior, and rest your weary limbs. Your road has been hard, and your path has been long. As you know, FASA has had their own perception of the BattleTech Universe, I like to think that if we had any say in the matter things would have turned out differently, this is our story of what would have been had the genetics been slightly different.. had a few of these warriors made it to the battle front.

Our Clan was the among the first to experiment with numerous radical ideas, including Symbol ranking uniforms, the Command Star structure and the Caste system. We span over leagues and mecha games as a single unit, as such we cannot "die" as many units do when a league falls and their pilots scatter.

That is why I am a Warrior of the Jade Falcons, I am Galaxy Commander Dragonfly Chistu, also the webmaster, and I command the Peregrine Galaxy with pride. I am an ardent Crusader and shall follow the Khan's wishes for the greater glory of the Clans. I ask you not judge us if our beliefs differ from yours - but respect us for who we are. Honor to you, whomever you may be.

To use the above Navigation Table, just click on the link you desire to enter. Visitors are allowed to look in the Jade Falcon Links and FASA Accurate areas. The latter is full of factual information and is not related to our "on-line Clan." The Facilities and Central Intelligence require authorization gained by being in the ranks of the Warriors of the Wing. The Navigation Table will be present in every location for ease of use, if however you do manage to get lost, just click on the "Home" Icon to return to this page (displayed below).

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