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Preferred BattleMech: Executioner
Status: Deceased

Known more as a crafty warrior than an able leader, Chistu's fortunes rose and fell during the invasion. During the first three waves, Chistu saw little action as Khan Malthus, the Jade Flacons' junior Khan, acted as warlord and garnered most of the glory by directing military operations. But Malthus' defeat on Twycross gave Chistu a chance to prove his ability as Khan. Chistu began his reign as warlord by naming Kael Pershaw as a high-level advisor, reclaiming the experienced warrior from a series of administrative duties unworthy of Pershaw's stature. Whatever political points Chistu gained in this move, he lost when he helped Khan Elias Crichell re-form the Falcon Guards.

Even though Chistu knew that many of his commanders despised Aidan Pryde, despite his Bloodname, Pershaw recognized abilities in the young warrior that he believed would either make him a great warrior or get him killed, and placing him as commander of the new Falcon Guards, now mostly misfits or solahma, seemed a safe appointment. But other Jade Falcon warriors, familiar with the Falcon Guards' history, considered this decision dishonorable. Many felt that even the loss to the Inner Sphere on Twycross did not earn the Falcon Guards such an uncertain future. Aidan Pryde proved them all wrong by creating an effective fighting machine from Clan rejects. The Falcons' showing on Tukayyid and the glory the Falcon Guards earned there vindicated Chistu's judgment.

Khans Chistu and Crichell agreed that the current situation with the Steel Vipers cannot continue. The ilKhan insulted the Falcons by allowing the Vipers to administer the Jade Falcon-conquered worlds, but Falcon Khans are still working out how to solve this problem. Meanwhile, Chistu was directing a raiding campaign against Inner Sphere worlds along the Jade Falcon occupation zone border. Buy making lightning attacks and then returning to Clan space, the Falcons stay within the letter of the Tukayyid treaty, and avoid repeating the humiliation the Falcons suffered in the recent attack Chistu ordered on Morges.

Chistu sees the Clan raids as retaliation for raids the Inner Sphere makes to destroy targets, even though such wanton destruction goes against Clan customs. From what he has seen, Chistu still believed the Inner Sphere is populated by barbarians who would be better off conquered by the Clans.


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