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Preferred BattleMech: Summoner

For years Samantha Clees has had a chip on her shoulder because she was convinced that she was the victim of sexual discrimination that kept her from receiving the recognition and promotions she felt she deserved. Her misplaced anger made her abrasive and sometimes even absurive to her male superiors, a habit that threatened to destroy her entire career. Samantha's life was turned around during a Bloodname trial in which she faced a woman who defeated and humiliated her. After the battle, Samantha's mysterious oponent explained to her that she failed because of a lack of discipline that had nothing to do with discrimination. Since thenm Commander Clees has become one of the finest commanders the Falcons ever known. Ironically, Ssamamntha eventually encountered real discrimination during her rise to command, but she dealt with it on the battlefield, dishonoring him and gianiner her Bloodname in the process.

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