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Holoprojector Archives - First Hand Battle Accounts

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Welcome to the Archive, 'MechWarrior. Please choose a topic of study.

  1. DeChavilier and Hazen (JF vs. Liao)
  2. First to Fall (CW vs. Pirates)
  3. Enter the Jaguar (Turtle Bay, SJ vs. DCM)
  4. Raid and Revenge (GB vs. DCM)
  5. Night of the Jaguar (SJ vs. DCM)
  6. Battle for Twycross (JF vs. FC)
  7. Trials of Possession (JF vs. SV)
  8. The Nova Cats (NC vs. DCM)
  9. Storm Before the Silence (Turtle Bay, Annihilation)
  10. Old Dog, Old Tricks (CW vs. FC)
  11. Loss of a Sibko: Training Academy Incident (JF)
  12. Traps Within Traps (JF vs. FC)
  13. Turning the Table (FC vs. JF)
  14. Ghost Bear Crushes All (GB vs. Pirates)
  15. Viper and the Falcon (JF vs. SV)
  16. Desperate Times, Desperate Deeds (GB vs. FRR)
  17. Freebirths (JF vs. FC)
  18. Sword of Honor (JF vs. DCM)
  19. Battle of Luthien (SJ vs. DCM)
  20. Payment Due (NC vs. WD)
  21. Retribution (FC vs, JF)
  22. Epic Battle (CDS vs. CG)
  23. Selima's Glory (JF vs. CG)
  24. The Viper's Fangs (SV vs. CG)
  25. Back