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Preferred BattleMech: Summoner

Mar Helmer, commander of the Jade Falcon Galaxy, is one of the most ardent Crusaders in Clan Jade Falcon. Born on Huntress to the Helmer-Kyle genetic line, he earned the rank of Star Captain in his Trial of Position by defeating all three of his opponents, a rare event among the CLans. Assigned to command Trinary Alpha of the Falcon Guards Cluster, Star Captain Mar led his troops to several stunning victories against Clans Smoke Jaguar and Steel Viper, most notably taking the small minidng world Diamondstar from the vipers in early 3042. His overall performance and codex record allowed him to try for the rank of Star Colonel at the age of 23, and he passed the new Trial of Position admirably. His early promotion and outspoken support of the Crusader movement earned him command of trhe Falcon Guards, and two yers later that unit's previous commander, Cynthia Helmer, nominated Star Colonel Mar for the Helmer Bloodname, it otok several long and burtal battles, but Star Colonel Mar won his Trial of Bloodright. Soon after, Khan Vandervahn Chistu promoted him to Galaxy Commander of the Jade Falcon Galaxy, and Mar Helmer led his Galaxy to the highest success ratio of all Clan Jade Falcon forces in the invasion.

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