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Preferred BattleMech: Marauder

Every Jade Falcon knows MechWarrior Horse as Aidan Pryde's friend and advisor. Even though Horse shared in the glory of the Tukayyid battles won by the Falcon Guards, and earned a mention in The Remembrance, he still puts up with scorn and insults because he is freeborn. Horse's attitude causes most of his problems because he is not affraid to talk tback to a truebornm, and consideres himself a better warrior than many trueborn he has fought beside.

Aidan is one of the few trueborn warriors Horse respects. They first met in battle on an exercise field on Ironhold. When Aidan joined Horse's unit while masquerading as the freeborn Jorge, Horse remembered him from their earlier fight., but chose to keep Aidan's true identity secret. Horse and Aidan soon became friends, sharing, among other things, Aidan's secret cache of books hidden in the barracks wall.

When Aidan won his Pryde Bloodname and became Star Colonel of the Falcon Guards, he asked Horse to join him. At first, Horse felt that Aidan had reverted to treating him just as another freebirth. Horse pretended that the change in Aidan's behavior did not matter to him; years of insults and disdain taught him to absorb the pain. He also realized Aidan's new command was in terrible shape, and that his friend was pouring all his efforts and energy into restoring the unit. Aidan still considered Horse his friend, but Aidan's Bloodname and new command changed their relationship.

When the Guards went to Tukayyid, Horse knew that they would bring either great glory or further insult to Clan Jade Falcon. He fought beside Aidan in every battle, but Aidan forced him to abandon the most important fight; when Aidan fought to save MechWarrior DIana, Aidan's newly-discovered daughter. Horse promised to show Diana the secret books that he and AIdan read in their rare moments of spare time, and he kept that promise. Horse received honors for his actions on Tukayyid, including promotion to Star Commander, but he knows that his freebirth status will always keep him from getting the respect he deserves.

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