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FROM: Anastasius Focht, Precentor Martial of the Com Guards, Hilton Head Island, Terra
TO: Cadets of the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, Terra

DATE: 15 March 3053

Greetings to the warriors of Blake's true vision. This report provides the best possible information on Clan Jade Falcon, the proven enemy of any who dare stand between them and their dream of a Star League reborn. This Clan came within an Elemental's jump of forever crippling the Inner Sphere's strongest military, yet fell to its own idea of honor. The Falcons displayed tactical genius on Tukayyid, but failed to achieve victory because of strategic shortsightedness. Despite its failings, Clan Jade Falcon, Avengers of DeChavilier, Followers of Turkina, and Grand Protectors of the Cameron Legacy, nonetheless proved to be one of the fiercest Clans in the invasion. The general history of the Clans, the overall structure of their caste-driven society, and their military organization appears in the information I provided in the previous report on Clan Wolf. If you remain ignorant of the ways of the Clans, I strongly suggest you seek out a copy of that report.

The wealth of information available about Clan Jade Falcon comes almost entirely from the crew of the Outbound Light, one of our JumpShips assigned to mapping the stars. Outbound Light's three-year voyage ended abruptly when the ship jumped into an unexplored star system and encountered the Clans. The star system, known as Huntress, belongs to Clans Smoke Jaguar and Jade Falcon. The Outbound Light's unexpected appearance must have persuaded those Clans that it was time to make their dream of a Star League reborn a reality.

The Clans treated the crew, commanded by ROM Precentor Arabella Bradford, as guests. The Smoke Jaguar Khans apparently wanted to glean as much information on the current situation in the Inner Sphere as possible from the crew, and wisely decided to do so by gaining their confidence instead of picking their brains by chemical persuasion. Placing very few restrictions on their liberty, the Clans allowed the crew to travel to towns, factories, and military installations on Huntress and other Clan worlds. Their report of these experiences provided valuable insights into Clan society, particularly the structures of Clans Jade Falcon and Smoke Jaguar. This treatment also allowed the ship's crew to become comfortable enough with their "hosts" to talk freely about their work and lives, and to gossip about the political environment in the Inner Sphere. Even without revealing military information, the crew of the Outbound Light provided a clearer picture to the Clans of what to expect in the Inner Sphere than all their probing missions, including Wolf's Dragoons, put together.

Not surprisingly, the crew of the Outbound Light returned to the Inner Sphere with no idea of the location of the Clan homeworlds. Before sending them home, Clan scientists put the crew members through a thorough electro-chemical procedure designed to erase all memories of their trip to Huntress. Brutally effective inhibitors block every attempt our scientists have made to reconstruct the crew members' memories and gain information that could lead us back to the Clan worlds. In fact, most of the explorer ship crew can no longer even travel comfortably in a JumpShip.

We must all continue to study the Clans so that the sacrifice made by all who died on Tukayyid and on other worlds defending the Inner Sphere will not be in vain. The truce between ComStar and the Clans will end in fifteen years. At present, the Inner Sphere and the Clans are too exhausted militarily and at such a low level of morale that both are incapable of mounting any type of campaign. But the Clans will not repeat their mistakes when they resume their assault, and ComStar and the other Inner Sphere warriors must prepare to stand against a stronger and wiser Clan. When that day arrives, the warriors of Clan Jade Falcon will be at the forefront, eager to erase the memory of their defeats and prove that theirs is the better way. How well your leaders heed one of the basic tenets of military strategy-know your enemy-will determine whether they triumph or fall.


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