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Preferred BattleMech: Elemental

Star Captain Jason is one of a hundful of freebirth Elemental warriors in Clan Jade falcon. His mother was a member of the laborers castel his father as an Elemental trueborn who tested out of warrior training and joined the sceintist caste. His father's influential friends and a purloined suit of Elemental battle armor allowed him to make a Trial of Position. He faced enormous prejudice early in his career, and has worked hard to overcome it, using diligence and intelligence to earn the rank of Star Captain and command of Trinary Delta.

This Cluster is secretly an embarrassment to Clan Jade Falcon. A successful battle record in a unit containing so many freebirth warriors tends to disprove the traditional idea that freebirths are only fit for garrison and other second-line duties. High losses in the invasion makes it impossible for the Falcon high command to disband this veteran unit. Trinary Delta's popularity with the other Clan caste provides an additional reason for their continued existance. The warrior caste may be preeminent, but it cannot ignore the opinions of the other castes without paying a political price.

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