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Preferred BattleMech: Mad Dog
Status: Active

Her actions, and a career of excesses and other ill-considered decisions have kept other Clansmen from sponsoring Joanna for a Bloodname. Her current assignment in the Falcon Guards was just one more example of her commanders putting her in her plea. Star Commander Joanna wants to end her career dying in battle so that her ashes can be used to nourish the next Jade Falcon sibko.

Star Commander Joanna is a bitter woman. She watched her career in the Falcons slowly slide away over the past few years, and knows her failure is her own fault. She was demoted from Star Captain to Star Commander in her Trial of Position following the Falcon Guards' loss on Twycross. Her involvement with Star Colonel Aidan Pryde's second chance at becoming a MechWarrior and her voluntary participation in the Trial of Refusal fought after the Grand Councils' action in the matter represented the final missteps in a doomed career.

Although she is an aging MechWarrior of undistinguished rank, Star Commander Joanna is a celebrated figure among many Jade Falcon warriors. A long-time member of the Falcon Guards, the Star Commander joined that unit shortly before its infamous defeat on Twycross. A lone Inner Sphere MechWarrior single-handedly decimated the Falcon unit in that humiliating defeat, which haunted the Falcon Guards and the the entire Jade Falcon Clan for years. Joanna, one of the few survivors of the battle, was stripped of her rank of Star Captain after the defeat and forced to fight two Trials of Refusal to gain her present rank. However, the Star Commander redeemed herself and the Falcon Guards when she killed the legendary Wolf Khan Natasha Kerensky in single combat during the recent Jade Falcon/Wolf battle on Twycross.

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