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Preferred BattleMech: Elemental

Taman Malthus is a powerful man, large even for an Elemental. The only Malthus to remain in the Inner Sphere after Twycross, Taman was assigned to garrison duty on the world of Alyina. This assignment offered few opportunities to win glory or to restore honor to the Malthus name, and so when Demi-Precentor Khalsa of ComStar ordered Taman to hunt down and capture a Federated Commonwealth officer named David Jewell, Malthus jumped at the chance. Jewell proved how dangerous he was by defeated one of the ELementals, and Star Captain Malthus decided to earn honor by battling this warrior in single, unarmed combat.

Malthus and his Point stalked Jewell through the jungle. When they finally cornered him, Taman Malthus challenged Jewell to single combat, and Jewell accepted. They began to fight, both men holding their own, but eventually Malthus appeared to be gaining the upper hand. Demi-Precentor Khalsa arrived in a ComStar helicopter gunship, interrupting the fight, slaughtering two of the Elementals and capturing the rest, including Malthus. Jewell had fallen off a ridge and was presumed dead. This unexpected attack heralded the start of Primus Myondo Waterly's "Operation Scorpion." Outraged by ComStar's treachery, Taman Malthus swore to kill Demi-Precentor Khalsa, and got his chance when Jewell, who had survived the drop, arraged a jailbreak. After disposing of the Demi-Precentor, Taman discovered that David Jewell was actually Kai Allard-Liao, the man who single-handedly annihialted the Falcon Guards on Twucross.

Joining his respected foe in alliance against the dishonorable forces of ComStar, Star Captain Malthus, Kai, and the remaining members of Malthus' unit retrieved their Elemental armor and attacked the ComStar compound, liberating the Clan prisoners there and decimating the local Com Guard forces. Taman Malthus' respect for Kai Allard-Liao increased during this exploit, and ComStar's defeat on Alyina went far toward restoring honor to the Malthus Bloodname.

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