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Personalities of the Clan Jade Falcon

Elias Crichell (Deceased)
Khan, Clan Jade Falcon

Elias Crichell, former Khan of Clan Jade Falcon, was the foremost political leader within the Clans and was widely expected to become the ilKhan once the Truce of Tukayyid is formally repudiated. Though he had never been credited with tactical genius, he compensated for this flaw by surrounding himself with the best and brightest warriors in his Clan. An adroit politician, Khan Crichell managed to share credit for those warriors' successes while distancing himself from their failures. Crichell's age was testimony to his survival skills; he was well into his sixties, and his days of piloting a BattleMech were virtually over. He had relied on his saKhan, Vandervahn Chistu, to carry the Falcon banner into battle for the past several years.

Suspecting that Chistu had ambitions to supplant him, Khan Crichell supported Star Captain Vlad of the Wolf Clan in his Trial of Grievance against the saKhan. Upon Chistu's death, Khan Crichell maneuvered to make Vlad his ally by granting him a Bloodname and partly repudiating the Rite of Abjuration that Chistu had demanded. Khan Crichell declared that, rather than being absorbed by Clan Jade Falcon, the Wolf supremacist survivors of the Refusal War should become Clan Jade Wolf. Khan Crichell hopes that this piece of politicking has removed at least one potential threat to the survival of the weakened Jade Falcon Clan.

Marthe Pryde
saKhan, Clan Jade Falcon

After the death of Vandervahn Chistu, Elias Crichell nominated Star Colonel Marthe Pryde as his choice for new saKhan. Star Colonel Marthe Pryde has a distinguished battle record and will make a formidable Khan.

Marthe Pryde has served with distinction throughout her military career, and has led her unit to several impressive victories. Subconsciously, she continues to measure her accomplishments against those of her legendary sibling, Aiden Pryde of the Falcon Guards, whose memory still haunts her years after his death. The Star Colonel is widely respected, but rarely forms friendships even with her peers. In recent years, she has grown somewhat disenchanted with the Falcon Khans' emphasis on Byzantine political maneuvering and believes that they have subtly neglected military achievements. Pryde is determined to set the imbalance to rights by doing everything she can to re-establish her battered Clan's military prowess and prestige.

Star Commander Joanna
Falcon Guards

Although she is an aging MechWarrior of undistinguished rank, Star Commander Joanna is a celebrated figure among many Jade Falcon warriors. A long-time member of the Falcon Guards, the Star Commander joined that unit shortly before its infamous defeat on Twycross. A lone Inner Sphere MechWarrior singlehandedly decimated the Falcon unit in that humiliating defeat, which haunted the Falcon Guards and the entire Jade Falcon Clan for years. Joanna, one of the few survivors of that battle, was stripped of her rank of Star Captain after the defeat and forced to fight two Trials of Refusal to gain her present rank. However, the Star Commander redeemed herself and the Falcon Guards when she killed the legendary Wolf Khan Natasha Kerensky in single combat during the recent Refusal War on Twycross.

Galaxy Commander Mar Helmer
Commander, Jade Falcon Galaxy

Mar`Helmer, commander of the Jade Falcon Galaxy, is one of the most ardent Crusaders in Clan Jade Falcon. Born on Huntress to the Helmer-Kyle genetic line, he earned the rank of Star Captain in his Trial of Position by defeating all three of his opponents, a rare event among the Clans. Assigned to command Trinary Alpha of the Falcon Guards Cluster, Star Captain Mar led his troops to several stunning victories against Clans Smoke Jaguar and Steel Viper, most notably taking the small mining world Diamondstar from the Vipers in early 3042. His overall performance and codex record allowed him to try for the rank of Star Colonel at the age of 23, and he passed the new Trial of Position admirably. His early promotion and outspoken support of the Crusader movement earned him command of the Falcon Guards, and two years later that unit's previous commander, Cynthia Helmer, nominated Star Colonel Mar for the Helmer Bloodname. It took several long and brutal battles, but Star Colonel Mar won his Trial of Bloodright. Soon after, Khan Vandervahn Chistu promoted him to Galaxy Commander of the Jade Falcon Galaxy, and Mar Helmer led his Galaxy to the highest success ratio of all Clan Jade Falcon forces in the invasion.

Star Colonel Aiden Pryde (Deceased)
Commander, Falcon Guard Cluster

Star Colonel Aiden Pryde's life has been a constant battle since the day his sibko landed on Ironhold. Falconer Commander Ter Roshak thought he recognized Aiden as the virtual reincarnation of a former commanding officer, Ramon Mattlov. Because Commander Roshak wanted to honour his respected commander, even after his death, he took a great interest in young Aiden. When Aiden failed his Trial of Position, Commander Ter created a plan that gave him a second chance. Assuming the identity of a freebirth cadet named Jorge, Aiden passed his second Trial of Position and became a MechWarrior.

When Clan Wolf attacked the Jade Falcon-held planet Glory Station to win the genetic legacy of Kael Pershaw, Star Commander Jorge (Aiden) devised a plan that defeated the Wolves. After the battle, Aiden made his claim to fight in the upcoming Bloodname contest, and his true past came to light. Convicted of treason to the Clans in a trial before the Grand Council, Aiden won a Trial of Refusal and the right to participate in the Grand Melee for the final slot in the Trial of Bloodright. Star Colonel Aiden won his bloodname, and proved his worth in a long and glorious career as a MechWarrior. Star Colonel Aiden Pryde was killed on the planet Tukayyid while covering his force's retreat to their dropShips. Star Colonel Aiden Pryde earned the Clans' highest honour; the Jade Falcon gene pool accepted his genes, and his legacy will help produce generations of fine MechWarriors.

Star Colonel Diane Anu
Commander, 5th Battle Cluster

Colonel Anu prides herself on knowing all there is to know about 'Mechs and 'Mech combat. In addition to being a MechWarrior and Tactician, Diane is a skilled Technician who knows the limits of her machines and can push them farther than any other Falcon commander. She has sufficient engineering skill to improvise weapons variants, making her one of the most resourceful and dangerous leaders in the Galaxy. Her lethal suprises have turned the tide of battle more than once and have become her trademark on the battlefields of the Inner Sphere.

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