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Enter the Jaguar

Honor or Death
-From a report submitted to Loremaster Atkin Hoff by Elemental Warrior Davis Grey, Clan Smoke Jaguar, 20 APril 3050

We had landed on Turtle Bay and our two lusters had begun their engagement with the Combine's Fourteenth Legin of Vega when the order vcame to hit their flank. My Star and I closed in to hit the 'Mechs of our foes.

Leading my Command Point, we swept over an Inner Sphere Pheonix Hawk, an aged machine even less worthy than any piloted by our elder warriors. We had obviously caught the Combine troops off guard. The 'Mech fired at me with only its machine guns, hardly enough force to turn my attack. Indeed, I took it merely as a hallenge, a test of honor in combat.

Within seconds, we were swarming everywhere on the Hawk. The pilot was a good warrior, and nearly shook us loose with a fast jump. First Rowsh lost her grip and fell from his back. I too lost my foothold, but not before cutting the exhaust feeds to the 'Mech's jump jets. While the Second Point finished off the remaining Locust, I tried to regroup my unit to catch up with the fleeing warrior. Only Trent and Sachi were still on the Pheonix Hawk. They engaged the MechWarrior bravely and with honor, but when pressed, the warrior ejected from his 'Mech.

Sachi pursied him across the battlefield, having won my permission for teh honor of the capture. Faced with that prospect, the MechWarrior produced a blade and a pistol, then killed Sachi with a lucky shot. If I ever find that warrior, I claim the blood-kill by right of my Bloodname. He escaped, but we have learned his identity from our interrogation of the Combine warrior Harunobu Mori. The MechWarrior who killed Sachi is named Shin Yodama.

Turtle Bay, the Loathing Hills, 30 March 3050
The Fourteenth Legion of Vega was assigned the defense of Turtle Bay, a world not far form the Combine's border with the Free Rasalhague Republic and used mostly as a training headquarters. Assigned to this unit was the son of Theodore Kurita, Hohiro Kurita, as well as his friend and fellow MechWarrior, Shin Yodama.

When the Clans began their bold and deadly invasion of the Inner Sphere, one of the first Combine worlds they struck was Turtle Bay. The SMoke Jaguards ha teh right of assault because the planet lay in their corridor of attack. They engaged with two Clusters from their First Galaxy, giving the Inner Sphere its first test against the advanced technology of Clan Elemental battle armor.

The Jaguar attack against the Fourteenth Legion of Vega was a stunning success, thanks mostly to Stealth Trinary's elite Strike Star Jungle, a Star of Elementals. While most of the Fourteenth attempted to hold against the advancing Clan OmniMechs, the Elementals of Strike Star Jungle swung wide of the battle and hit the flank of the Combine that was slowly falling back.

Faced with the sheer power and strenght of the Elementals and the Jaguars' skill at 'Mech combat, the Legion did not fare well. Before they could bring all their firepower to bear against the Elementals, the Clan troopers ahd crippled or destroyed most of their 'Mechs.

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