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For any unit to operate with efficiency, the members must work as a team, and act as one. To this end, certain rules and proceedures are set forth, not only to increase the cohesion within the unit but to increase morale, skill, and the standings of the pilots within the Clan. And so these Trials are put in place and effected as they have been done for three-hundred years. Being a good sport, an honorable warrior, and a comrade in arms depite your alliance will earn you more respect and honor our clan more than being the best fighter in the galaxy, but the one with the least morals.

There are seven rules that must be followed within the Clan, these are:

  • You are to conduct yourself in an honorable, professional fashion at all times, and to help others out where possible.
  • You will not discuss clan business in open rooms or the lounge with non-JF members.
  • You will not insult anyone regardless of their clan/house/freebirth affiliation, if someone does insult you or insults the Clan you may challenge them to a Trial of Grievance...let combat and honor be the judge.
  • You will at no time insult another JF for any reason - if you have a problem with another JF you may challenge them to a Trial of Grievance, let combat and honor be the judge.
  • You will at no time use lag, missile boats, or any other excuse to explain why you lost a fight...the reason you lost is because your opponent was better then you, and you must set a goal to improve yourself.
  • YOU WILL NOT call a Batchall against anyone without first informing the Khan... only he has the authority to permit a Batchall and you better have a damn good reason to call one (neglect of duty is one reason... being able to beat them in battle is not).

Should these rules be trespassed upon, warriors of Star Colonel or higher reserve the right to demote you on the second offense. On the third, by mutual agreement within the Keshik, the offending pilot may be expelled from Clan Jade Falcon.

As far as the Trials are concerned, there are certain realistic limitations to each gaming engine that requires limited altercations between gaming platforms. That is, a Trial of Position that may be effective for Mercnet will not apply to MechCommander. Listed below are all our trials. Some Trials can be used for multiple platforms, such the Trial of Posession, Refusal, and Batchall.

Trial of Possession
This is a pretty simple Trial. It starts by the challenger issuing the Trial to something that he believes belongs to him, this is not always a material item. If, for example, a vital bridge must be secured, two competing units can bid against one another for the right to attack, or hold a small Trial of Possession for the object in question.

Trial of Refusal
Should an executive decision be reached, it can be overturned by invoking a Trial of Refusal. A vote is then held on the matter, the ratio of votes is equal to the forces that can be bid. If, for instance, I invoke a Refusal on a desicion, and 3 people vote for me, and 6 people vote against me, I can can bid forces at a 2:1 ratio (against me).

Trial of Batchall
Whenever you bid in a Trial, you Batchall. This is a different form of Batchall however, in which a lower ranked warrior challenges a higher ranked warrior to a Trial of Batchall. Only the Khan has the power to authorize such a challenge, and there must be good reason to do so (not upholding one's station is one reason, being able to defeat them in combat is not). If it is approved, then the warriors will bid their forces and engage, or they may fight in single combat. Should the lower-ranking challenger succeed, he gains the rank of the pilot he challenged, and the loser will gain the lower rank. Should the defender be victorious, the matter is dropped completely by the challenger.

Trial of Grievance
If there should be a major dispute between two warriors, when it becomes clear they can no longer settle their differences diplomatically, they call on the Keshik to authorize an official Trial of Grievance. Both participants bid on the mission, the forces invovled (also single-combat can be effected) and the conditions. Victory is claimed when their opponent is disabled or destroyed, after the Trial, the losing party admits their wrong-doings and steps down. Authorization of a Trial of Grievance will enable that point to be made official for all to see, but it takes two-weeks for authorization to be allowed. If the participants cannot agree on bids or location, then the OathMaster sets a middle-grounds to fight on. A less formal Honor Duel can be effected on the spot by two disagreeing participants, while this is not official, it settles the problem promptly. You are urged to go through official channels.

MercNet Trials

During all MercNet Trials, the Candidate must pilot his own 'mech. This is the 'mech he is assigned on the Roster, he pilots this 'mech in all MechNet, MercNet, or Mech3 Trials. If you do not like the 'mech you are assigned, you may request a differing one (all NAIS chassis allowed). The only restriction is your rank, the higher rank you have the heavier 'mech you may pilot. Bloodnamed pilots have no tonnage cap. You may Trial of Position or Blooding daily.

Trial of Position
ADL C3. Hallowed Ground, Death Dance, or Valor. Zellbrigen. Candidate and up to Three Officers.
Any Candidate may Trial for higher rank. For this, he must challenge up to three officers of equal or higher rank. Instead of basing progression through the ranks on how many Officers are destroyed, the Officers participating must meet the following tonnage for the Trials:

MechWarrior 4th Class: 45
MechWarrior 3rd Class: 55
MechWarrior 2nd Class: 80
MechWarrior 1st Class: 95
Star Commander: 140
Nova Commander: 160
Star Captain: 180
Nova Captain: 190
Star Colonel: 200

Here is a hypothetical situation for better understanding. You are a MechWarrior 4th Class, you find a pilot of higher rank. He has to pilot a StormCrow to make the alloted 55 tons. If you were a MechWarrior 1st Class, and wanted to Trial for Star Commander, you could do two things: 1) Find a single MW1 or better, and have him pilot a summoner (70t), kill him, have him regen and kill him again (to make 140t), or 2) find two MW1 or better. Between them they decide if they will each pilot a 70t 'mech, or if one will pilot a 100t 'mech and one pilot a 40t 'mech. Once in combat, the candidate decides who he will fight first. Yes, elementals can be selected also, but they must regen equal to their tonnage (elemental = 1 ton). Candidate never regens in a Trial of Position, unless it is required due to the DHS bug. During the Trial of Position, the officers may pilot a 'mech beyond that which was assigned to them on the roster due to conformity to ToP rules, which center around the Candidate.

Trial of Blooding
Prefabricated Officer 'Mechs. Death Dance, Hallowed Ground, or Valor. Zellbrigen. Candidate and Three Officers.
This Trial requires that the Officers pilot three prefabricated designs; a jenner-iic, hellbringer, and timber wolf. The Officers must already be blooded, and the Candidate decides who pilots what. The Candidate of course pilots his own assigned 'mech. The Officers must be engaged in this order: Officer 1, Officer 2 and Officer 3 (jenner-iic, hellbringer and timber wolf). If Candidate breaks zellbrigen by firing upon a shutdown officer, that Officer may power up and engage. Upon completion, the Candidate may e-mail the webmaster on the requested bloodname (if successful).


There was some dispute as to how these Trials should be effected, as seeing the game evolves around the skillful use of pilots instead of the skill of the pilots themselves, and strategy was paramount as compared to using a single pilot effectively, it was decided that the skill of tactics should be tested as opposed to the traditional single-combat engagements. Zellbrigen may be challenged, but once engaged it is considered too much of a bother to disengage for the sake of formality.

Trial of Position
You must challenge someone whos rank is equal or greater than the rank you wish to obtain, and you can only gain one rank per day. Note that the rank you are obtaining can only be one rank higher than your current rank. You must win 2 out of 3 games. Mission is of candidate's selection. Unlimited RP - Both sides have 4 Light, 4 Medium and 3 Heavy/Assault 'mechs. No vehicles allowed. Standard 'mechs only, A, W, or J variants.

Trial of Blooding
Challenge a blooded pilot to a Trial of Bloodright, the mission is of the candidate's choice. You may fully customize all 'mechs and take any vehicles you wish. However, the candidate may only take 8 'mechs/vehicles while the bloodnamed warrior may take 12 (but not customize them). Success depends on strategy, not on the speed of one's fingers. Only one battle is fought to determine outcome, and candidate may only Trial for a bloodname once per day

Falcon Mech Assignments

Each pilot is assigned a 'mech, for sim-trials (i.e., MercNet, NetMech, Mech3 etc.) candidates are expected to take these 'mechs. The tonnage of the 'mech you may request to be assigned is based on your rank (unless you have a bloodname, then you may request what you like). The following rank/tonnage table is thus made (if in a Trial, use closest match possible):

Sibko Cadet - 20 Tons (default Howler)
Sibko Ristar - 35 Tons
(default Kit Fox)

MechWarrior 4th Class: 50 Tons (default Conjurer)
MechWarrior 3rd Class: 55 Tons
(default Storm Crow)
MechWarrior 2nd Class: 60 Tons
(default Mad Dog)
MechWarrior 1st Class: 65 Tons
(default Hellbringer)
Star Commander: 75 Tons
(default Summoner)
Nova Commander: 75 Tons
(default Night Gyr)
Star Captain: 85
Tons (default War Hawk)
Nova Captain: 95
Tons (default Turkina)
Star Colonel: 100 Tons
(default Bane)

Galaxy Commander, Aide de Camp: No Limit.
saKhan, Khan, ilKhan: No Limit.


In Jade Falcon, you Trial for your Bloodname in combat, and only three people can hold that particular Bloodname. There are loopholes, however - if you won your bloodname in a different Clan, you may bring that bloodname to Jade Falcon. If it is a bloodname of a Clan other than Jade Falcon, that bloodname shall be added to our bloodpool - however this does not mean other Falcons may trial for that bloodname (because we do not hold rights to the bloodname). Once you attain your bloodname, it is with you always. And yes, you can Trial for an identicle Jade Falcon bloodname and take that to this Jade Falcon, hence the loophole - we consider it only fair however.

There are stipulations for which Bloodname you can trial for. You can always Trial for General Bloodnames, but you can only Trial for "MechWarrior" bloodnames in a MechWarrior sim (i.e., MercNet). You can only trial for Elemental bloodnames in a FPS type game (i.e., Rainbow6, to which the Ghosts of the Black Watch are expanding). Jade Falcon is currently not in any aerotech/flight sims, so the Pilot bloodnames are currently unavailable. If you attain a specific bloodname, say an Elemental bloodname in Rainbow6, you keep that bloodname even if you play MercNet. The reason for this is because each bloodname gives its holder a natural aptitude for that skill, as it is inherant in his genetical makeup.

General Bloodnames

  • Chistu [Dark Angel, Dragonfly, Charon, -A-, RedEye]
  • Hazen [Lordface, Pumper, Wiz, Executionier, Angel, EvilDoer/Commendant, Hellbringer, Strider]
  • Malthus [Kenetix, Widowmaker, Nikolai, Dogmeat]


  • Helmer [Rolling Thunder]
  • Buhallin
  • Roshak [Kane]
  • Pryde [Nightmare, Wight, NightShadow]


  • Icaza [Masters, ruiner, Zillah, Cal]
  • Mattlov [Strafe, Cogburn]


  • Binetti
  • Thastus
  • Von Jankmon

In a previous league, we absorbed Clan Steel Viper whole, and as such we also hold exclusive rights to those bloodnames (this is a role-playing Clan to some extent). They are listed below and considered less prestigeous than the Falcon bloodnames:

General Bloodnames

  • Breen
  • Zalman


  • Ahmen
  • Andrews
  • Mercer
  • Moffat


  • Chapman
  • Grimani
  • Roland


  • Cochraine
  • Masters
  • Tamm

Beside some bloodnames are the names of the Warriors which held that lineage, they are grayed out - the current holder(s) of that bloodhouse are in red. Below are the holders of Bloodnames outside of Jade Falcon - note that you cannot trial for these:

  • Crichell (Jade Falcon Canister) [AutoFire]
  • Grey (Ice Hellion Canister) [The Kid]
  • Hawker (Diamond Shark Canister) (MechWarrior) [Wolf]
  • Nagasawa (Diamond Shark Canister) [RedEye]
  • Kabrinski (Ghost Bear Canister) [H@VoK]
  • Kerensky (Wolf Clan) [RoninWolf]
  • Kell (Wolves in Exile Canister) [ShadowWolf]
  • Kryla (Ice Hellion Canister) [DarkDemon, Aaron Foo, Garibaldi, Cobra]
  • Raine (Fire Mandril Canister) [Charon]
  • Roberts (Ghost Bear Canister) [Dread Pirate]
  • Winters (Smoke Jaguar Canister) [Strider]

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