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Ping Pong?

Falcon Rap

The Falcon Rap was made by GreyFox, Mechman, Jackal and Cottenmouth and was given to me by GreyFox with permission. I found it very amusing, and Jade Falcon/Lore related, so here it is - not much else I can say about it. :)









Falcon is the word!
You know what I'm sayin'
If we come after you,
Ya better start prayin'
We're mean, we're tough, we can't get enough!
Mech makin', victory takin'!
Earth shakin', Mech breakin'!
Laser fryin', virtory denyin'!
AC shootin', rookie recruitin'!
Pride stealin', force reelin'!
Jump jettin, palm sweating'!
Fire our missles, listen for the sizzle!
Shoot our guns, watch 'em run!
They turn red, fall down dead!
High power missle shower'!
Heat high? Don't die, override! Let it fly!
Cockpit shot? You eject on the spot!
Nero Helmet flowin', it will get you goin' out on the field were the battle is fierce and the armor don't pierce!
You could get blast unless you last! Which don't happen much when we hit the clutch!
Salvo after salvo, we hit your ammo, we watch you fry, we KNOW you're gonna die!
Best of the best, we don't need rest, we crush our enemy, with no contest!
Think yer bad? Think yer good?
Why don't you take a ride in our neighborhood.
We got mad guns, we will bust ya down, then watch as ya frown. Cuz we punked yer butt down.
You think we're weird? You think we're strange?
Try us out on the gunnery range!
Enough said we ARE the best, join us now or die like the rest......word.

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