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The Remembrance is an epic poem, which never ends - but acts as a window to our past, our heritage and our souls. Unlike many other masterpieces, the Remembrance records ongoing time as the monks used to in Medieval Europe on Terra. Ongoing, never ending - this is our legacy.

Each Clan has a Loremaster, who records these epic tales, and thus each Clan has a slightly different variation of this saga. This is the compiled Remembrance for Clan Jade Falcon, written in detail by our Clan's Loremaster. Please read on, learn, and remember our past - for it is our past that acts as the foundation for our future.


Then Warrior Hazen grew cold.
Watching noble DeChavilier die.
She heard her mind whisper
Urging her to fly,
To forget her duty.
But with a defiant cry
Proud Turkina dove
From the realm of death
To seize Hazen's heart
And shake it free of fear
Leaving pure her soul
And her duty clear.

--The Remembrance (Clan Jade Falcon), Passage 8, Verse 36, Lines 58-66



Through the bleakness of the void
The piercing cry of the Falcon
Shattered the timeless silence;
A silence born in the abscence and malcontent of
The virtuous Star League.
It is thus that we crusade
With the clarity of purpose and being
Given to us by our father the Great Kerensky,
Nurtured in us by our mother Elizabeth Hazen,
Embittered to us by the soul of Turkina;
That we lead the lost into a new age of Man.
A gift of sight to their blind lives.
A return to a Golden age,
The age of Man, of solidarity, the age of legend;
The new age of the Clan Jade Falcon

-- The Remembrance (Clan Jade Falcon), Passage 98, Verse 4, Lines 31-45

Remember those events that brought these fifteen years of shame. But
remember also those who fell to restore the glorious Star League. Above all,
remember the blood legacy of Aidan Pride, child of Kerensky; he made the
final sacrifice so that his Clan could continue. For eternity shall we praise
him; in fifteen years shall we avenge him.

-- The Remembrance (Clan Jade Falcon), Passage 417, Verse 29, Lines 74-79



Children of Kerensky, Your time is now.
Once you shattered the forces sent against you.
Once again the time has come to do it once more. Jade Falcons remember, Tukayyid.
Restore our lost honor and avenge our fallen.
We are the chosen.
We are the rightful heirs to Terra.
We are Jade Falcon.

-- The Remembrance (Clan Jade Falcon), Passage 428, Verse 40, Lines 91-97



And let us remember,
five great warriors
Who were sent to the dark heart of the Inner Sphere
To fight for glory,
and the Honor of the Falcon
Many obstacles did they meet along the way
And innersphere treachery did they face

Some of them fell,
But all fought with honor, skill, and valor
Darkdemon, Nightmare, Oracle, Regnar
Let us chant their names
In appreciation of their deeds

But above all, let us remember Dragonfly
Who's long road and great battles
led him to success,
in the name of the falcon
Through his actions, the light of the clan
shines down on all who will oppose us.

-- The Remembrance (Clan Jade Falcon), Passage 431, Verse 23, Lines 32-52



All hail the Mightiest of the Ilkhan's,
Kenetix Malthus
May his name live in our hearts forever.
For it was he,
That in the age of strife,
Rebuilt the greatest of All Clans
Our own Clan Jade Falcon
As an example to our brethrens,
who had strayed from the one true path
His genes bless our clan a thousandfold.

-- The Remembrance (Clan Jade Falcon), Passage 435, Verse 12, Lines 40-50


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