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A Second Chance

As the lights switched on on the elevated platform several metres away, Star Captain Greggor could make out the familiar forms of the Jade Falcon's Loremaster and saKhan, and that of the Jade Falcon Khan, Marthe Pryde. Still, the presence of the three most powerfull people in the Clan so close to him filled him with a sort of awe he had not expected. As he looked along the large hall, at the other hundred or so warriors gathered within, he saw his own feelings reflected in their faces. All of them knew why they were here. And none would ever forgot this day for the rest of their lives. Fifteen years they had waited Fifteen years they had been denied that which they were bred to do. But the wait was finally over. The Truce ended today. And tomorrow, War would come to the Innersphere once again...

To Star Captain Greggor, the wait had felt like an eternity. 11 years ago he had come to the invasion front, at the ago of 20. Now he was 31, considered old within the clans. Many of his friends and comrades had been sent back to the homeworlds to serve the clan in another way, either as defenders of the clan worlds, or as sibko trainers. Whatever the position they recieved there was, it meant one thing: Their fighting days were over. A fate almost unthinkable to a once-so-proud warrior.
Was it skill, or luck that had kept Greggor from receiving the same fate. Perhaps a bit of both. What was truly important was that he was standing here, and he would soon have a last chance to fight with honor, and hopefully die with glory, to further the Clan cause. And perhaps, just perhaps, he might even see that world that see many verses speak about, yet that no clan warrior has ever seen.

A loud but firm voice suddenly broke Greggor's reverie and brought him back to the present. The voice was that of the Loremaster, standing atop the podium overlooking the crowd gathered here. He was dressed in the finest falcon uniform, and wore a long cape made of the green emerald feathers of the Jade Falcon. To the cape was attached a cap, made of the same materials, but made to look like a birds head. The beak was that of a genuine Jade Falcon. The eyes were black emeralds which reflected the lights from above. The cape and lights combined made the loremaster look like a figure from the Rememberance, come to life on this day of Glory.

"Warriors, remember this day well, and pass it on to those under your command, for it is one of the most memorable days in the history of the Clans. Fifteen years ago we were forced into a truce with the barbarians that inhabit the former star league. Fifteen years we have waited, because our word, and our honor binded us that truce. The falcon slept, while our enemies grew stronger and stronger. Many things happened during that time, but we have survived. And like the legendary phoenix, we have come out of the ashes stronger then ever.

The Truce is over, and the Falcon can finally soar the skies once again. Tomorrow, we will continue what we started all those years ago, our trek to the heart of the Inner Sphere. This time we will not fall for the treachery of those that stand in our way. We will not be fooled by their devious ways anymore. This time, not even ambushes or traps will keep us from overrunning every planet between here and our goal. This time ... We will be victorious."

As if they were one, the warriors in the room responded in a unified voice: "Seyla !!"

The Loremaster continued his praise to the clan, and how no one, clan or Innersphere would be able to stand before them, but Greggor stopped listening, his mind somewhere else. As he closed his eyes an imagine came to him, a galaxy filled with stars. Slowly, one after another stars lit up, cutting a path across the galaxy. And after watching these brightly lit orbs for a while, Greggor knew exactly what he was seeing: the galaxy he saw was the InnerSphere, and the stars he saw led a path to his final destination. Star after star flashed before Greggor's eyes, each one disappearing faster then the one before, so that at the end all Greggor saw were flashes of light. And then, the flashes stopped, and Greggor gazed in awe at the sight before him. There, in his mind, was the one planet every warrior longed to see, the one planet every clan fought for ... There, in his mind, all time stopped and resolve filled Greggor's heart. This was his second and last chance to make his mark as a warrior, his second and last chance
to finally walk on the ground of that sacred planet ... Terra.

- Mechwarrior Wight Pryde  


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