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A Battle Story

As the moonlit ground could now be seen, the warriors grew anxious and restless. Having endured the many hardships since their last drop, they now made their ways to their metallic friends of destruction. Having been prepared for this moment by centuries of research and war, these warrior's were considered to be the best of the best. These ways and customs, having been passed down from the great Alexsander Kerensky, have remained unchanged yet changed. The ways of the Clans have been adapted to survive the cleansing of this long lost era. These Clan warriors, them being the peak of all their genetic research, are by far superior to any known force. But there is one clan that seems to be above the rest. This Clan of high flying falcons, with an irredescent green glow, has everything it needs to defeat any oppenent. It's razor sharp talons are ready to strike anywhere at any moment. The gleaming eyes, able to forsee all possiblilities, only help it to see what others cannot. Then there are its wings of fire, that are swift and give it an air of finnese that no other creature may challenge. And lastly, there is the cry, peircing to enemy ears. This magnificent creature shall always remain above the rest for all of time, and shall soar above Terra again.

- Star Commander AaronFooKryla


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